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How does it feel that the Legendary Queen Titania is stronger and faster than Gargantaur?


I wonder if a we could get a fortune teller themed troop that made a reference to the spoiler thread. Or if you gave him glasses you could say he has great foursight.


Let’s be serious: The legendary queens in this game rock. Titania can deal a lot more AoE than quite a few mythics. Mab’s freeze is seriously overpowered. Ysabelle gives 5,5 mana to allies on average with a spellcost of 14 while Orpheus gives 5 with a cost of 22. And Grapplepot is, in a goblin team where she will likely be, also a very hard AoE hitter.

…Now I kinda wanna make a team with the four of them to see how it works out (despite Grapplepot likely sucking). :stuck_out_tongue:


You could always swap Grapplepot for Queen Aurora :stuck_out_tongue: (other Queens include Naga Queen and Spider Queen. and could argue that Abynissia is a queen due to her third trait (Queen’s Grace))


And her flavor text as well.


Naga queen, titania, mab, and aurora perhaps.


YASSSSS lady teams!


Mab does massive AoE damage, but people don’t notice because the damage numbers don’t pop up with the mana burn animation…


I had tried to make a pure legendary team, but yeah, Grapplepot’s damage is really minimal, so I will put Aurora in for a change (though without anyone changing/exploding gems, it’s hard to fill a mythic up). Sadly don’t have Abynissia, so I cannot try her. (She summons a dude, though, and this is about ladies!:laughing: Infernal King is only allowed in if he starts wearing at least a big hairbow! :wink: )

I don’t think I EVER used Naga Queen. I don’t even know what she does, that’s how little attention I’ve paid to her.:joy: I’ll have to check in on her.

Mab is in my usual PVP team, so I am well aware (except that Mana Shield/Impervious opponents are annoying and plentiful in PVP). I really wish Mana Burn would display numbers, it would be so helpful.

If any kind of royalty is allowed, Fizzbang can also join. Or Elspeth, but Elspeth would just summon dudes. I wonder if Yasmine’s Chosen also counts as some kind of Dryad royalty? She and Aurora make a nice team.
If any lady is allowed, well, then there’s a million possibilities…


lol nice!

so wait, does this mean if we want Gargantaur to get a little bit of love, we should call it Queen Gargantaur?

I could roll with that.


Also - how does it feel that the [insert any troop] is stronger and faster than Gargantaur?

For real, devs, there are non-utility Common troops that are better.


Where is RuPaul when you need him/her?


Rowanne is better than gargantaur, as is azura.


You’re right. How can we pick on poor little gargle, when the op peasant is so powerful. We must nerf the peasant to level the playing field for gargle!


Hm. Not the kind of queen I was thinking about, but I guess it works!


Now he’s ready for love.




It sounds that the next week troop is not finished…

And in fact, it’s more about the schedule.


Next week is finished, I’ve seen it. Or should I say, them?


An hint about the kingdom?