(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


You must master the use of Anu’s Scepter first… Good luck! :wink:


Um, you’re in the spoiler thread. By definition, everyone here is interested in knowing what is coming up. :wink:

I’m particularly obsessed with future releases right now because I’m trying to farm the last few dozen Arcanes that I need to trait my troops and if I knew what I could buy for glory in the next few weeks, it would allow me to use my explore time as efficiently as possible. Once that is done, I’ll be far less concerned.


Lets speculate, spell im sadly think hes gonna be an armor and attack buffer. His trait gain 4 armor and health on 4 and 5 matches.

Flavor text: Gard’s stepbrother.


As a good rule of thumb I try to have 42 of each arcane stone at all times for this exact reason so think about it in that perspective.


At least 37 arcanes in case of a mythic and a new legendary.


Yes. First step: trait all troops from true kingdoms, then farm enough for upcoming kingdoms, legendaries and Mythics, then trait all classes, then build up inventory of all stones, then trait imps. At least, that’s my plan. Step 1 will be done within the next week or two.


@Ghaleon and @Crow

I try for 50 extra of each because it’s a round number :grin: both of you are right on in your thinking :thinking: :thumbs up:


That’s another 1050 Arcanes. Considering it took me 5 months to catch up from 827 behind, I’ma consider that a long-term goal… Even just traiting my untraited classes will take me a couple months.


That’s good to, but i need to stash glory cause I like big numbers.


But man i need beast arcanes


Still collecting them. :3


Knowing the next week troop was nice so we can discuss about it, and somewhat provide feedbacks to devs.
If it’s not possible anymore, we loose another great topic…


I liked the early information, it kept the game more fresh to me. If there are good troops, I can be excited like a kid on Christmas. If there are filler troops, then I can temper my expectations and not feel disappointed when the week shows up.

I’d lose interest in the game quickly if I’m constantly “surprised” each week with a Tome of Evil and Hellspawn type troops


I like the spoilers for the chance to see upcoming mechanics and give feedback on balance. This was (clearly) better when the devs actually joined in here and responded to the feedback…


Stop tacet, you’ll go crazy!!! :dizzy_face:


Flavour text, ‘he got a bum deal’.


If only a recent weapon that had red and green for its colors would come along. That would be great unless they forgot the arcanes or something nefarious like that.


I think that Occam’s Razor would say that Shocktopus is next week’s troop. There’s also the possibility (albeit a small one) that we may get a filler like what we got on consoles a couple times where we might see the seasonal imp (of love, in this case) in chests and that’s why we’re not seeing release dates. We’ve previously seen the list of eligible troops shrink before an update, so i’d expect we get a longer list again after 3.3.


The reason we would get filler on console is because they could only load new troops into the game files via an update. Now that they can push new troops out at any time, there is no need for filler. There is also no need for them to indicate any future release dates until the day that they want to push a new troop.

I’m still hopeful that we’ll get to see a few weeks at a time, but there is no technical reason that they need to do that anymore. I think it was in a recent stream that they said that they have months worth of troops ready to go, they just haven’t pushed them to the game files in their finished form yet.


They probably have shentang troops ready seeing as it was supposed to be before bright forest.