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More RNG troops… just dressed differently…

Can a Dev pretty please make this “are” instead of “is”? Grinds my gears :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Also appears in Champion of Gaard’s spell, and probably elsewhere.


Hammerclaw and Werecat (with the even worse “if there’s 13 or more” like Champion of Gaard).


Hum, definitely better?

I will wait to see the comments about how better it is when lvl 500 boss rooms troops of AI get 10 extra turns while player one get none (multiple consecutive cast of the queen are gonna be fun doing 500 faction run, 200+ true damage each time lol).

RE: “new update when”?

Updates tend to be quarterly, roughly 3 months apart. Some of the content runs out mid-March, which lines up with “3 months after December”, so somewhere in March is where I’m placing my bets.

My understanding is today’s stream shows off “something controversial” from 4.next. Usually they don’t start showing or concretely discussing features until we’re ~2 weeks away. So join me in a rousing chorus of “holy smokes February is almost over!”

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No art assets for Brawlmaster Bur’Nakh or any of the Deep Hive troops. We’re at most a month away from the update, probably closer, I’d be surprised if we don’t see the full Preview Stream soon.

The fact that they haven’t scheduled one yet is interesting.

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There is no use crying. If we want better troops, we must accept that they will be equally better in the hands of the enemy. It is better to confront a challenging troop and have it on your team later than to face a useless troop and have it only in the collection later.

Anything with “random” is quite useless unless you’re doing repetable stuff (used cerberus for months to do dungeon when low lvl and had to restart matches a lot) so defo those future troops will go in a corner together with werestuff and lyzara for anything serious.

For all the non serious stuff then everything is fun and megaosom so no use cry about lyzara either.

Well,actually there’s a difference, those “chance of extra turn” stuff can work well on GW defs to make more ppls ragequit :3.

Hmm. A mouthful, but will have to see if its any good with that magic/2.

I think you misspelled “mothful”

Other than that, I do like how the hive at least looks somewhat good. Extra turn chances may be a touch annoying not unlike stonesong, but the spells also seem decent anyway, so I’m looking forward to it with great anticipation.


In other words, just because you are unlucky with troops based on% of hit on your skills, they cannot exist?
There is a difference between the troops having a good random skill and a bad random skill. If the skills are good, there is no problem in betting on the best.

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Not sure what you find of good on those spell, only really good thing is the queen sitting on the back and doing cleanses (or 70ish scatter true damage is good now?), to make it clear, would like to see someone using those troops in GW.

On attack at least, defo, queen + empo can work well on def.

Beside, even Mongo can exist in game for me (even more seen how much i play now lol, moved to an alt guild cuz cant keep up the reqs of a epic task one lmao), but more random stuff you put in the game more and more strategy go out of the window, not that much is left already tbh nowaday, by now only strategy left in game is deck building to “counter” enemy one THEN pray that rng god and random stuff dont screw all.

This faction is weird. I kinda wish they were “either” rather than “independent” chances.

Scarab Knight is the tank but the Legendary does True damage and Beetle Blade instakills it.

The Queen Beetrix is so much similar to King Gobtruffle yet so much worse, it’s embarrassing. Why release new troops if you’re not going to, you know, release new troops?

It’s disappointing that the legendary was changed in a way that doesn’t address the fundamental issue with the delve. I suggested (somewhere) just making it do straight AOE damage, or making all options do damage in varying ways.

I hope someone finds and posts a consistent way to win with 10ish power potions, other than spamming skull generation and hoping to not die.

Anyway, Deep Hive looks fine. Probably in the easier 50% of faction teams, so I won’t complain about that one. (Well, the RNG design is very frustrating, but it’s a legitimate design decision. Ok, no more complaining from me.)

Yeah, Deep Hive is in the easier 50% of Factions, especially if you get a Queen loop going, but the fact Queen even exists really makes me mad.

IP2: makes Gobtruffle

Community: wow this is cool please make more viable faction troops

IP2: What if I gave you… The Exact Same Troop But Worse™?

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I think the cleanse all is really undervalued, it could easily go on any gobtruffle or loop team and without stunning it, you are screwed.

Without obsidius or a good EoE team, it will definitely be an annoying defense troop. I see the whole package as a sidegrade, this troop is more universal and even though the spell is overall worse, it’s harder to stop.

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I definitely agree that the Cleanse All is really powerful, especially now that it’s in new colors (Orpheus is Red/Yellow/Purple).

I’m just in the mindset of the faction clear right now, where the cleanse is rarely relevant (Insects? With no status effects?)

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Can I assume that once the Invasions become a weekend event, in the future they will cease to be a guild event and become an individual event like the Bounty?

Nope. If you read further down the thread, she confirms that it will still be guild-wide.


I just saw. Thanks for the confirmation.
I just got a flea behind my ear here. If Invasion becomes a weekend event (like the Bounty), but remains a guild event, on the weekends that the Invasion comes, will we have two overlapping guild events? (in this case, the weekly event that is already happening and the added Invasion event over the weekend).
Gems of War becoming more and more hardcore.

Here’s my take on the future Deep Hive troops.

Beetle Blade
Protect the Hive
Deal [Magic + 5] damage to an Enemy. If there is 13 or more Brown Gems, deal triple damage.

  • Because it is a low cost troop and has brown mana in its composition, I can even use it on a brown team in the future, certainly with Mountain Crusher as the hero’s weapon. It is also possible to use it on a team that has Apothecari, to guarantee triple damage.
  • I would say that it is already a troop more likely to use outside of Delves than 90% of those that already exist.

Moth Mage
Deal [(Magic / 2) + 1] damage to all Enemies. There are independent 25% chances, boosted by Brown Gems, to gain an extra turn and half my mana back. [0.01]

  • I do not like troops that use Magic / 2, however, we are talking about an ultra rare troop, so it would be unwise to give him very high damage.
  • Obviously, it is not a troop that I would put on one of my main teams as it is an ultra rare that does not provide support for other troops on the team.
  • However, the chance to win an extra turn and recover half the mana (separate chances, of course), gives you a greater potential than many ultra rare troops in game.
  • Perhaps in an event that requires the use of Wildfolk / Mystic I would use it on a team. I am not going to declare that it is a bad troop, because for rarity, it has its efficiency.

Queen Beetrix
Hornet’s Nest
Create 9 Green and 9 Brown Gems, then deal [(Magic x 2) + 6] true scatter damage. There are independent 40% chances, to gain an extra turn and half my mana back.

  • As mentioned, this legendary gemmaking resembles that of King Gobtruffle. However, Goblin generates mana colors and is 100% sure to win an extra turn, which is not the case with Queen Beetrix.
  • While King Gobtruffle does not have to worry about the gems generated, because if he leaves a brown or green combination that generates an extra turn, he will use it himself, Queen Beetrix risks leaving a combination like that on the board and not winning the extra turn, providing all the advantage to the enemy.
  • Despite true splash damage and the chances of winning an extra turn and recovering half the mana (40% each), I will certainly never use it. The risk of me creating gems and combinations of extra turns and leaving it to the enemy is greater (60%) than the chance that I will benefit. It is a troop that does not fight for the team it is on, on the other hand, it works for the benefit of the opponent.
  • I must remember a legendary faction troop I use a lot, The Deep King, which deals true splash damage to two enemies. I trust his damage much more without gaining an extra turn and generating gems for the enemy on the board than in Queen Beetrix.
  • To end the inefficiency of yet another legendary faction troop, its third trait is common in the classes most used by the hero. I feel that creativity was lacking in creating something more effective and exclusive for her.

Scarab Knight
Scarab Shield
Gain Barrier and [Magic + 1] Armor. There are independent 25% chances, boosted by Brown Gems, to gain an extra turn and half my mana back. [3:1]

  • I will coolly summarize my thinking. A tank who gains barrier and armor and has a chance to win an extra turn and half mana back, increased chances by a miserable brown gem bonus (3: 1). For an epic troop, it is quite weak and inefficient. I’m not even going to list the number of better tankers we have in the game.
  • Perhaps he is effectively controlled by the enemy, winning an extra turn, but that will not change the fact that he is a bad tank. It is the type of troops that only serves for the collection, unfortunately.

In short, Beetle Blade and Moth Mage (rare and ultra rare) may come to be used in any event that requires specific troops where they fit. They are not good troops, but they are not completely disposable.
On the other hand, Queen Beetrix and Scarab Knight (legendary and epic) are terribly bad.
Looking at these four troops I see a complete waste of troops in the factions. In my opinion, we should have 4 troops that complete each other, where their skills benefit each other. However, not only are they not helping each other, they are not useful on other teams.
I would like to understand the logic in the creation of troops so weak compared to the troops created 2 or 3 years ago, much more efficient.

The only thing sadder than everything I said above, is to think that the troops of the Lyzzara team are even worse than these …