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I’m starting to think it’s assumed it won’t be such a big deal because of available stuns. Would make Sunken Fleet (for Water Elemental) kind of compulsory for newer players/those without Obsidius – and I guess it makes sense that if you’re at the stage where you can pull and trait the Harpies, you should be able to get Water Elemental, too. Not sure what to think about it at this stage.

Well, no delve is a problem with normal teams, but what about faction? other than summoning each other am not sure what else do those harpies, do they stun?

If not think this time gotta save more gems so can buy x40 7 tier’s ;p

Ps. oh and that new “good for AI Morana like harpy” that got 20%, aka 200% for ai, chance to kill your troops is even worse than the summoning crap imho

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Ah, yeah of course – faction runs will suck.

Mithran talked about it a bit above, too.

Ouch. Just read harpies’ traits. It will be horrific. Did Sirrian think about renaming the company into something like “Infinite Harpy Summoning”?..

Harpy is the new Warg

Surprisingly, I’m not too bothered by the summoning on all 4 troops. Its excessive and could have easily stayed on 1 troop, but can be dealt with.

The last room:

Harpy Mage (Red/Yellow)(75% mana start)(exploder) - summons Blade Wing
Queen Xochi (Yellow/Brown)(aoe dmg) - Harpy Mage
Harpy (Green/Brown) (life) - Harpy
Blade Wing (Blue/Brown) (% kill) - Hapry
(+2 Brown, +1 Yellow, - 1 Purple)

You need to kill Xochi first because she does AoE damage. On top of that, she resummons an exploder who could very likely cause the headaches you’re all worried about.

At a worst case scenario, a second Blade Wing get summoned in. It does damage to one troop with a chance to kill.

After Queen Xochi is killed, you want to eliminate the Harpy Mage so Blade Wings can no longer come in.

From there, its 1-2 Blade Wings and many Harpies. Harpy adds a lot of life, but instakill ignores that so its a filler summon. 1-2 Blade Wings won’t be fun to deal with, but once gone they can’t come back.

Dealing with Harpies will be like dealing with Alderfather’s summons in Primal Rift. Time consuming but not too difficult.

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My problem with the harpy summoning is not the Delve. So I don’ think it’s dismissed by saying, “I think there’s a delve strategy that works”.

My problem is, “Will this team show up in GW and PVP?” It doesn’t sound impossible to beat, but it does sound like a royal pain in the butt. I already know a couple of teams that aren’t worth the time to fight. I don’t want more. Repeated summoning is one of the most soul-crushing mechanics to fight.

Delve faction team is the only place it should be a major pain. In any other mode, there are plenty of options to stun them or just end the battle fast enough that they aren’t getting a ton of 4/5 matches when the enemy team is a troop down.

Forgive me if I don’t trust you that every GW color day has a team that can both stun/disable them and actually do damage.

The fact is that there are GW teams in every color that can win in 1-5 turns from the start of the game. Harpy (troops)'s traits won’t ever be an issue. Thief’s bandit talent only matters because the trigger is an automatic on-death clause. There’s also viable stun options on every color if it ever became an overbearing issue.

Its not my job to teach you how to handle Guild Wars, so feel free to place them on defense. If anyone does place them on defense on Xbox One, I’ll be glad to treat them as a free win as other than the 1 troop that has a 20% chance to instakill IF there’s a storm, the other 3 aren’t a real threat of any kind in a GW environment.


Yesterday ss on twitter showing 3 more task for adventure board

I appreciate your condescending manner but players have been wrong many times when they used their imagination to figure out how an unreleased troop is going to behave. I can’t take your advice to place them on defense so they aren’t out.

If I wrote in your style, I’d have to say, “Maybe if you played the game outside of treasure hunt you’d know that.”

Good thing I play the game outside of treasure hunt. Guess I know things!

People overreacted heavily to Megavore’s 3rd trait. How’s that Meta treating everyone?

These traits are even worse than that 3rd trait in that it NEEDS an open slot on the enemy side to even do anything. It also NEEDS 4/5 matches to happen and that doesn’t happen as often as players think.

Queen Mab didn’t always work against the old Goblin metas.

But please, keep thinking these traits are the second coming of the Apocalypse.

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If hyperbole’s your only tool I don’t trust the rest of your analysis.

I’m worried about the traits creating yet another damn troll team that, like Megavore, has a small % of turning a game where I did everything right into a loss. MV isn’t overpowering, but it still feels damn bad when you catch the wrong end of “good luck” in a competitive, scored performance mode.

You don’t have to try to smother everyone that disagrees with you. I get your points. I also agree that a summon trait has setup costs. I also know that “on ally death” happens a hell of a lot less than “on 4/5 matches”. It’s OK for both of us to have a different guess. We’ll know in about 2-3 months which one of us was right.

There’s no damn need to treat me like an “opponent” who has to be ridiculed and silenced. I showed up, said “Hey I’m actually worried about this”, and your responses have been to tell me “to learn how to handle Guild Wars” and accuse me of preaching “the second coming of the Apocalypse”.

I think you need to check your chair for thumbtacks or something. Or go take a walk. You’ve got some weird-ass pent-up anger there.

If you don’t like any of these tasks, can you re-run them to get the ones you need?

You can’t repick daily adventures, they will reset every 24 hours at the daily reset.

Considering this :poop:… As well at treasure map weeks. Count me in as on board for the adventure board.

Why not just simply PvP and Explore? It’s this kinda :poop: that makes me think they just want to irritate us. 🤦


We got some tresure map daily tasks “do 5 treasure hunt” for glory. Pretty sure we will see them in rotation in adventure board

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im waiting for it to say kill troops only in challenges tbh…id play it xD

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I’m excited for the old weapons being put in the shop