(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


Spoiler fans, we just had a large update to our spoiler website at https://www.taransworld.com/

Troops page: 497 troop modifications (including 38 new troops)

Weapons page: 96 weapon modifications (including 12 new weapons)

Pets page: 9 pets modifications

Best part of all, tuns of new graphics on the spoiler pages!!!

Enjoy. :slight_smile:


Do you have access to drop rates from Chaos Portals? I’d like to know what the odds are for the various treasures.


Is there a way to tell what kingdom a faction belongs to? like… Crypt Keepers belongs to … ?


@Grundulum, sorry I don’t know these things off the top of my head and I won’t have time to research tonight. :frowning:


@TheIdleOne this is what I found…

Delve 3040 / K37: Ancient Crypt
Faction: Crypt Keepers
Byline: Tomb of the Forgotten Knights
Desc: Long ago, a group of Knights saved Sword’s Edge, but their tomb was never found.
Banner Name: Crypt Banner

  • Battle 0 Name: “Shades of Knight”
  • Battle 1 Name: “Deadly Nightshade”
  • Battle 2 Name: “Spectral Sentry”
  • Battle 3 Name: “Spectral Horde”
  • Battle 4 Name: “Grave Guardians”
  • Battle 5 Name: “Grave Sight”
  • Battle 6 Name: “Lady Morana”



Delve 3041 / K39: Sea King’s Lair
Faction: Sea of Sorrow
Byline: The Dark Waters
Desc: Strange half-blind Merfolk inhabit this dark ocean, devouring all intruders.
Banner Name: Sorrowful Banner

  • Battle 0 Name: “Shark Tank”
  • Battle 1 Name: “Shark Attack”
  • Battle 2 Name: “Hammer-Claw-Time”
  • Battle 3 Name: “Independent Claws”
  • Battle 4 Name: “Witchery”
  • Battle 5 Name: “Witch of the Waves”
  • Battle 6 Name: “The Deep King”



Delve 3039 / K36: Temple of the Eye
Faction: All-Seeing Eye
Byline: The Ocularen Temple
Desc: Once sentinels of the Old Gods, this temple is all that remains of the Ocularen.
Banner Name: Ocularen Banner

  • Battle 0 Name: “Watchers at the Gate”
  • Battle 1 Name: “Mother of Eyes”
  • Battle 2 Name: “The Eyes Have It”
  • Battle 3 Name: “Life Leeches”
  • Battle 4 Name: “More Leech, More Life”
  • Battle 5 Name: “Behold the Ocularen”
  • Battle 6 Name: “Xerodar”

image .


Delve 3042 / K33: Guardian Chambers
Faction: Hall Of Guardians
Byline: Protectors of Ancient Wisdom
Desc: It is said that Gard himself created these halls to protect a sacred tome.
Banner Name: Guardian Banner

  • Battle 0 Name: “Sentry Duty”
  • Battle 1 Name: “Protect and Serve”
  • Battle 2 Name: “Arcana Unearthed”
  • Battle 3 Name: “Golem-a-rama”
  • Battle 4 Name: “Living Stone”
  • Battle 5 Name: “Gargoyles!”
  • Battle 6 Name: “Silent But Deadly”


Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!

Based from what I see, I think Crypt Keeper belong to Ghulvania, and Sea of Sorrow belong to Merlantis.

New Faction - Crypt Keepers

If you’re guessing based on troop theme, then I’ll make a counter-guess of Sword’s Edge (based on the “Forgotten Knights” byline) and Blackhawk. If not, please share your additional data. :slight_smile:


The weapon for Crypt Keeper is from Sword’s Edge.

Darkstone seems to get two classes (there are now 2 Mythic weapons).

There is 6 “Doom of” troops… New GW troops?


Yeah, it’s all guessing based on lore reason. I don’t have any data-mining power, sorry. :sweat_smile:

For Crypt Keeper, their fraction troops are all Undead. Sword’s Edge don’t have any. Even Ghulvania’s class, Deathknight’s class weapon is even get the same name.

Sea of Sorrow is more tricky. Blackhawk and Merlantis is very similar. But my main view is all Merlantis troop live underwater and can’t go up on dryland, unlike ship-based creature of Blackhawk. All Sea of Sorrow’s fraction troops are deep underwater creatures with no reference to ship.


There is a Merlantis weapon but no Backhawk’s one. So I guess Sea of Sorrow will be linked to Merlantis.
Same for Crypt Keeper will be linked to Sword’s Edge (the weapon is named “Secret of the Crypt”).


Oh damn, forget to look in weapon spoiler section! Your predictions is more likely to be correct basing on actual data, instead of my lore-obsessing logic. lol

So here is the likely weapon for all 4 fractions, 2 current ones and 2 upcoming from spoiler!

  1. Jar of Eyes (Blue/Green All Seeing Eye/Darkstone)
    Explode Brown Gems. Summon a random All-Seeing Eye troop.

  2. Guardian Crown (Brown/Yellow Hall of Guardian/Whitehelm)
    Cleanse myself. Gain Life and Armor. Move myself to the front.

  3. Secrets of the Crypt (Purple/Red Crypt Keeper/Sword’s Edge)
    Steal Life from the 2 weakest enemies. Summon a random Undead.

  4. Writhing Staff (Blue/Brown Sea of Sorrow/Merlantis)
    Deal scatter damage to all enemies. Create 8 Skulls. Entangle the first enemy.


I actually wish the upcoming Mythic was a f-ing big fish like its spell art, rather than the giant sea-dragon it currently is. :thinking:


So the new schedule for the Week-end Events is one every week-end:

  • Vault
  • Faction
  • Bounty
  • Class


Makes sense.



Time to start being pre-emptively afraid of whatever this going to be? :scream:


Lol it’s goblin god so he got unlimited extra turn :stuck_out_tongue:


Goblin King is the only goblin without an extra turn, so maybe Goblin God never gets a turn at all? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Turn a random enemy into a random Goblin, then gain an extra turn for every ally and enemy Goblin.


Maybe he steals your extra turns?


Now don’t these look absolutely trollworthy?

Because, you know, the first thing I absolutely look for in a tank unit is the ability to insta-kill a chosen target. How many purple gems can I cram on the board for this? Morana is from the third Faction launching next weekend. We’re going to be seeing a lot of her in the future.

And hello there troll unit. 3x 20% faux-kill shot? Yeah, it’s not a true kill. But, if it de-synergizes a team through a converted troop, it might as well be. Can’t wait to get rolled by this on AI defense teams.