(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

Same as entangle. It will proc if it does damage, so a 4-match can trigger it but a 3-match cannot.

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Hmm weird change, i found his trait to actually be good already, it is his spell i would have expected slight improvements if anything.

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Thanks for the response and awesome job you do. But im very disapointed with his spell. Maybe devs can tweak him later.

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He’ll be tweaked if he’s seen too weak in the first week

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Like Jotnar! …Oh wait


BTW there is a new kingdom on file, named Shentang (but no release date yet). Seems to be Chinese-themed, and the home of Wing Elves (whatever that is).


Does that mean Chinese players are also bombarding @Saltypatra every day demanding content and localisation?

Or is it that 505 marketing ploy again?

thats a very good spoiler,thanks let us know, yonizaf:smiley:

Shentang (神堂) seems to mean something like “Spirit/God Hall”. I don’t speak Chinese, but it seems thematically appropriate?

It also means the 44th point on the bladder meridian in Chinese acupuncture, which seems to be near the point of the shoulder blade, but I doubt that’s what the devs were going for.


now i know what an urska is :smiley:

wait thats not an Urskarok? :scream:

the sylverglade mythic loooks beautiful :smiley:

and what the… is Domovoi xD id scare the kids with it :sweat_smile:

i just think it should be 神唐:smile:


Given the context, I’d say it’s Wing Chun Elves.


wing chun is 咏春 in Chinese

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We need a troop named sushi roll

“Kingdom of the Bladder Elves” would be glorious. Lightstorms everywhere.


Okay, Elemaugrim’s out and everyone has their dragon fix. Sooooo - how about that next mythic? Any new/additional information? Can we please get one of those great card mockups? @yonizaf


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It will be a mythic merfolk, with their 3rd trait - All other merfolk allies gain +4 life and armour…

Because Sharkey needs a friend.



@XLS78 I can’t find the post but my guildmate @kynetarse has been handily compiling spoilers for us in our discord channel. Here’s what we have:

June 2 - Mythic Release - Silverglade

Queen Aurora: Mythic, Divine Beast - Arcane Light, Arcane Plains - Exclusive in Glory, Gem, Guild, and VIP chests for one week

Rainbow Spirit: Give all other allies Barrier and X Life. Create 12 Gems of a chosen Color.

Warded / Arcane / Rainbow Link (Gain bonus Mana from all Gem matches.)


They need to change that useless first trait, now that Deathmark being nerfed. :wink:

They need to change that third trait, TBF. Drop it to the three colors yellow/purple/green. As it stands it becomes a must-have in too many teams.