(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

Hero Classes coming on 17th. Lasted data shown - (!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1) - #2328 by yonizaf

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Looks like there is a patch in the works at the moment (see current issues with Steam / world data problem) so we might get updated info once that comes out properly.

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Any info on traitstone requirements for the new classes?

Too many…

Good news for all the complainers. Stonehammer changed to also “Create 15 Red and Brown Gems”, and for that his cost was raised to 24.


Here’s a compilation of all changes I can see today. I will add the full detail of changed troops to this post, except for Urskaya troops which will get their own post later.

##Latest spoiler changes

  • Stonehammer now stuns/burns all enemies, and creates 15 red and brown gems. His cost was raised to 24.
  • Tesla now deals true damage, her base damage is increased from 4 to 8, and her last trait gives 5 (was 4) attack and armor to mechs,
  • Garuda has its last trait changed to " Allied Stryx gain 5 Life and Attack" (was 4 life and magic). Too bad.
  • Elemaugrim now creates purple gems intead of red. Cost raised to 25. Trait changed to “Decrease all enemies’ Attack by 2 on 4 or 5 Gem matches”
  • Urskaya troops got spells and traits.

###Full details of changed troops:

Mythic / Khaziel / Divine Dwarf
Spell: Ancient Wrath (24 Blue/Brown/Yellow) - Stun and Burn all enemies. Create 15 Red and Brown Gems. Gain [Magic+1] Life.
Traits: Thick Head / Warded / Unbreakable - Reduce damage from Skulls by 80%.
Requires: Minor Earth, Arcane Shield, Arcane Mountain Traitstones
Max stats: Attack - 14; Life - 37; Armor - 20; Magic - 7 (When fully ascended and level 20)
Flavor Text: Sing along with me…
Will arrive Today (2017-04-07).

Legendary / Adana / Human
Spell: Overload (15 Blue/Red) - Deal 8 true damage randomly split among enemies, boosted by all ally and enemy Armor. [4:1]
Traits: Mech Bond / Invention - Gain 1 Armor on 4 or 5 Gem matches. / Overclock - Allied Mechs gain 5 Attack and Armor.
Requires: Minor Water, Arcane Blood Traitstones
Max stats: Attack - 18; Life - 24; Armor - 22; Magic - 0 (When fully ascended and level 20)
Flavor Text: An expert on current affairs…
Will arrive in 3 days (2017-04-10).

Legendary / Suncrest / Elemental Stryx
Spell: Fiery Rain (17 Red/Yellow) - Summon a Firestorm. Deal [Magic+1] damage to all enemies. Gain 1 Magic, boosted by Red Gems. [3:1]
Traits: Naga Slayer / Fireproof / Soaring - Allied Stryx gain 5 Life and Attack.
Requires: Minor Fire, Arcane Storm Traitstones
Max stats: Attack - 18; Life - 27; Armor - 18; Magic - 6 (When fully ascended and level 20)
Flavor Text: What the Flock?
Will arrive in 7 days (2017-04-14).

Mythic / Dragon’s Claw / Daemon Dragon
Spell: Last Shadow (25 Brown/Red/Purple) - Deal [Magic+3] damage to all enemies. Create 8 Purple Gems, boosted by Burning enemies. [1:1]
Traits: Magic Heart / Impervious / Darkness - Decrease all enemies’ Attack by 2 on 4 or 5 Gem matches.
Requires: Minor Fire, Arcane Lava, Arcane Dark Traitstones
Max stats: Attack - 20; Life - 23; Armor - 23; Magic - 11 (When fully ascended and level 20)
Flavor Text: In darkest day, in blackest night.
Will arrive in 28 days (2017-05-05).


Stonehammer sounds good now, i like that in addition to the gemspawn they also let him affect all enemies now and not 3 random.
Tesla seems really really strong now, looking forward to her.
I don’t get the Elemaugrim nerf tbh, he didn’t seem too strong before imho, but whatever.

Thanks for keeping us informed @yonizaf, much appreciated.

Deathly Aura still has not been changed, then?

No visible changes to Hero classses yet. Still, changes can be made at the last minute, as they just did with Stonehammer.


I win :smiley:


Now is Elemaugrim’s Darkness too close to Shadow Dragon’s Darkfall…

Worth noting that though Telsa and Garuda are giving the same increased stats as Wulfgarok and he’s rarer than they are, Wulf is giving stats with higher face value in dual offensive stats.

I know it can be overwhelming for the devs with all the suggestions and complaining we sometimes do (along with the headaches of releasing a new game mode), but I just wanted to commend them for listening to us on this. This is an excellent change.

I’m impressed with how responsive the devs were to our worries about this mythic. Not just that, but I head that they’re adding changes like randomizing pvp traitstone rewards, etc. This is great.

I like this spell. Adds a new strategy / thought process when playing that’s a bit different than normal. True damage boosted by enemy armor gives an incentive to avoid damaging their armor while at the same time the ally-armor boost gives an incentive to not allow the AI to take skulls. Since you want to avoid both the AI and your own troops taking skulls, there’s now an incentive that’s not normally there to remove them. Might be interesting to use with some of the troops that remove skulls from the board like Finley, Zombie, etc


Yeah, sadly only seems to work when there is a whole bunch of people complaining. Giants and Wargare don’t seem to have big enough of a lobby to make this process work for them :wink:

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Which is weird, 'cause you’d think that any lobby for giants would have to be big, if not huge.


I’m less impressed… the spell is still underwhelming… the traits are a nice combo, if unoriginal…

The boost to gem creation for burning enemies feels weird now that the color changed and the trait no longer burns. Maybe another change incoming?

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So what Arcanes will be needed for the DeathKnight, Titan and Oracle Hero classes to be released soon? I think it’s Dark for the DeathKnight.


Oracle - Yellow/Purple (Plains).
Deathknight - Red/Purple (Dark).
Titan - Red/Blue (Blood).

Arcanes required by hero classes are decided by the colors of bonus mastery + bonus magic. You can easily tell by observing existing hero classes.


hmm i hoped there wouldnt be two classes with same colors while there is still so many colors unused…
death knight and assasin? :confused:

Same thing with types also. We have a Knight class already, yet Deathknight counts as a Knight, and both Warlord and Titan count as a Giant.