(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

Ooh I’ve wanted that combo for a while…

Conflagration, maybe?

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Oh boy, get ready for even more Courage teams on PVP. :fearful:


That’s… alarming and depressing…

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If Aspect of Courage was +1 Attack instead of +3, this would not be nearly as much of a problem; Courage would still be by far the most useful guardian, but it wouldn’t be as extreme as at present. Not sure what the reasoning is behind leaving the trait as-is for so long.

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While we may touch on Courage later, we are unsure if he is just a symptom of the Bone Dragon problem. Once the Bone Dragon change is released with 3.0 Patch, we will be reviewing the guardians.


Please just compare Courage to Loyalty…

Making a skull attack will (in general, very roughly) trigger at least as often as casting a spell… and both can be set up tactically to happen more often.

On trait effect:

  • Loyalty gives +2 Life/Armour (+4 ‘face value’ in the old measures)
  • Courage gives +3 Attack/Life (+9 'face value)

Surely they could at least be the other way around, as in Loyalty has +3/+3 and Courage +2/+2. That puts both to a +6 ‘face value’…

(not to digress too far into my views on Guardians balance, sorry)

Back to spoilers:
@yonizaf did you mean to include

…with Captain Skullbeard? I assume he’s legit for next week?


He is. That’s just a standard disclaimer so people don’t think it’s posted by a dev and complain when it changes (apparently a thing). I was asked by a dev to make sure people don’t think my images are official, especially if I post them without a spoiler tag.

If you have a better suggestion for how to say that, that would be great. I’m not a native English speaker, so these things happen and I’m open to feedback.


Maybe it’s fine, it just confused me… but I see what you mean.

I don’t want people to get confused. Are you sure you can’t think of any way to improve on that?

You could write:
This spoiler image is fan-assembled from draft game content, and not officially sanctioned by the developers.

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That’s a bit long, especially if I also want to include it in the image itself.

For now I think I’ll go with: “This spoiler image is fan-assembled from game files, and UNOFFICIAL.”. Is that clear enough? Or more improvement needed?


That sounds perfect to me.

If you want to go full-on grammar Nazi, make it “and is UNOFFICIAL” at the end so the two phrases have the same structure.

That’s clear to me.

The third trait is pretty disappointing for a mythic. Burn is so weak later on I never notice when one of my guys are burning but since it’s from Dragon’s Claw I have to have it and I have to fully trait it.


Works for me. And thanks btw for your spoiler efforts.

ill enjoy it as long as there will be an aoe stryx worth magic boost :sweat_smile:

when i read garuda i think of a common bird in summoners war or in Heroes 3 (etc) series :sweat_smile: i cant really imagine it as a mythic (best) rarity, blame the games i saw the name first

i didnt see the image but im guessing it will be some kind of unicorn/pegasus :smiley:
and i like the idea of multicolor link a lot :grin:

@Jainus All this talk made me realize I could create fake spoilers as well… you know, something like this:

This spoiler image is TOTALLY FAKE, but you knew that already, didn’t you?

Feel free to make fun of my lame jokes.


Yoni, you’re a legendarily awesome person!

I realise this is not the thread to have this discussion. But assuming an effective bone dragon nerf it is way easier to devise a team to cast a large number of spells (i.e. a looping team) than it is to create a large number of skulls.

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