(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

Thanks @Lyya :smile_cat:

Is that the first troop with a double boost?

Depends on if you consider Des’s yellow and Daemon perks “boosts” :slight_smile:

Since next week’s event in Silverglade, I’m predicting:

+25% for Silverglade
+25% for Elves
Snotstones will be Elspeth centered, so maybe something with knights.

Also, if they keep the pattern, the 4th snotstone reward will be 3x Elspeth which will help folks get her Mythic


1 snotstone for every “elfie” with a knight :wink:

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You mean Princess Kardashian, don’t you? :wink:


Was browsing my troops to check everything i’m missing and then…

Yeah i know it was already spoiled, just showing the card “assembled” as it is already visible using the “Show all” button on our troops.

Probably only us Tech people get the joke. Most people aren’t familiar with mongo db or other nosql databases.

I noticed error messages from parse.js, so the game must use javascript. I never looked at the game files.

I guess I’ll start hoarding again after the new city event for that next mythic. Thanks for the info, Lyya.

Anyone who’s had that error message repeatedly in last few months will get the joke Your Mongo database is unavailable

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Do we have the stats/info on the next legendary? And is that coming soon? I thought I saw somewhere that it’s tagged for the 30th? Can’t remember exactly.

I tried looking but admittedly it’s a bit difficult on a phone, which is the only way I access the forums.

Next scheduled Legendary:

Legendary Blighted Lands Daemon-Construct
Malice (15 Red/Brown)
Deal [Magic + 2] damage to the two weakest enemies. Deal double damage if I am damaged.
(Daemon Bond, Stoneskin, Absorb Power)
MAX Attack:18 Life:20 Armor:25 Magic:7
He’d like to spend a night on Bald Mountain.


Bald mountain? What the?..

Guessing this:


Could also be a Witcher 3 reference I’m thinking.

Do we know any details on this?

Whoops, yes:

Gain 3 Magic when an enemy casts a spell.
Minor Earth Traitstone: 34
Arcane Lava Traitstone: 6 (Grosh-Nak)
Celestial Traitstone: 2

Sanctified Bovines! That makes his spell sound much better, especially on defense. Since it targets weakest the AI can’t screw up targeting.

Dark Monolith (R/Br)
Hellcat (Y/P)
Dark Monolith (R/Br)
Mercy (Bl/Gr) or Terraxis (R/Y)

Is the new Mythic expected to be released on Jan 27th?

EDIT: Nevermind, it’s the 1st Friday, not the last

That legendary sounds interesting!
I wonder if he’ll make it in the meta.

Another daemon. Blah.

Mythics were always released the 1st friday of the month. So normally February 3rd ;-).

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