Should Paid Pass Only troops be allowed in PVP or GW until its open to everyone?

Should Paid Pass Only troops be allowed in PVP or GW until its open to everyone?

Of course we are looking at the Emperess.

Seems like a pay to win scenario.

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Paid troops in guild wars is the least of GW problems …there is no reason to start the idea of paid troops not being allowed…i



People who are willing to pay the money should be able to use the troops they paid for wherever they want.

Empress is strong but not unbeatable. And she is only green and can only be used for one attack and defense day in GW. Haven’t even seen her in pvp defense yet.


That pay to win. Game said they would not do that. Troop should be unplayable in multi-player.

Okay, then troops should only be usable once every player has drawn a copy, too.

I hope you get what I’m saying.

It’s still only pay to get sooner.

Empress is good but doesn’t guarantee a win.


I don’t get it. It’s a valid concern, where’s the line between cash-only advantages in competitive game modes being “okay” and “not okay”? To give an extreme example, suppose the weekly event offered a medal for $100 that lets all troops start at full mana, in any game mode, it gets converted to a medal of seasons at the end of the week. Should it be allowed in Guild Wars?

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What im saying is that there will always be players who have an advantage over others because of their collection.

The Empress could be in the vault pool and 90% of players still don’t have her.

If we first ban campaign and kingdom pass troops from GWs until they’re in the pool then someone will ask for troops to be banned that not at least 50% of players have.

Your example is extreme, yes.

It’s extremely overpowered.
It’s extremely expensive.
It’s never available for all players for free.
It’s an actual pay to win and not just a chance to be somewhat more successful on one GWs day.
There’s no counter to it.
It works in all GWs days and not just one.

As someone who likes GWs a lot I do understand the concern. But we all know that the mode isn’t 100% fair and will never be.


You could see a card in every D team you battle for the pay to win D teams.

Sure, that could happen. It’s very unlikely but not totally impossible.

Just freeze and then eliminate her.

Empowered converters and Elementalist and the Doomed books are still worse - also not unbeatable, though.

Remember when goblins where the worst enemy to encounter during GWs?