Returning to Bracket 1 - Case example: TUF: Power Gems/ Light Army (PC/Mobile)


Finally, our score against Bracket 6 guilds was near the previous one and was enough to climb up to the 4th Bracket.



Week 10: Bracket 3. We won all 6 wars to continue the streak of 54 GW battle wins. At this bracket, teams staying in the bracket were in the 1.3 million-1.4 million range. We had a close call with NeverWalkAlone, which we beat by less than 10K. The other teams in bracket 3 are clearly on our level. Most of the week there’s been 4K spread for the top 3 teams in the bracket. It’s still too close to call whether we’re going on to bracket 2. We’ve played all our games. If NeverWalkAlone has fights left we’ll be stuck in bracket 3 again.

If we lose out on bracket 2 by less than 3K, it will be heartbreaking because we lost over 3K when one of our top players had a game crash on his first match of the day.

In any case, it ends out 8 week streak of winning GW brackets!


@Ally You did a bigger score in bracket 6 than in bracket 8. It is awesome. :hugs:

@PGSundling Congrats for reaching bracket 2 and good luck for this week.
I hope our guilds will meet soon in GW. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Aelthwyn we are certainly going to have a challenging week. I’d be amazed if we were able to keep our GW battles streak alive in bracket 2 but we will try our best.

Let’s see if you can get Light Army up here too.


While not guild wars related besides getting back to bracket 1, the other TUF: Power Gems goal was to return to the top 50. Today we crossed that threshold. At the same time our GW war win streak of 54 GW battles ends in bracket 2.


Pretty cool, info, thanks for sharing. I was on PG when everything went haywire. Good luck in bracket 2!

Question: what is the nature of the connection to TUF? As in, how does that play out?


Well TUF: Power Gems came from Morgana and Syngo2 caring about Power Gems enough they wanted to salvage the guild no matter what. I came along and saw if they wanted to merge into our superguild. At the same time I got the blessing from the long term admin. Unfortunately we were stuck for a long time because the GM that took over when he left went inactive. While trying to get the guild back I and another TUF admin, Kaheradin felt close to the remaining Power Gems. We bonded during that struggle.

We found a bunch of new recruits and rebuilt the guild. Now it’s one of the most popular TUF guilds. Within TUF we have different guilds with different focuses. Every week people swap guilds inside TUF. So there are a mix in the guild of original Power Gems, new recruits, and original TUF members.

So the new TUF: Power Gems wouldn’t fall apart because if people want to focus on trophies AND GW we have Unrepentant. You just swap to the other guild with the focus and reqs you want. Having Power Gems has also renewed a wider appreciation of GW. Ironically this is happening right before GW becomes every third week.


Since we’re sharing this thread with @Aelthwyn and @Ally maybe they can share the backstory on how Light Army joined one of the top superguilds. That must have been pretty great.


Congrats for reaching the top 50!

Like many guilds currently Light Army had fallen apart. I think that things started to go bad when one of the former GL, Biche, quit the game last spring. Last fall the guild had lost nearly all its long time members and was down to less than 15 people.
The sister guild we had created last summer (Bnonymous) was working well as a retirement place for our players but climbing in the GW brackets is awfully slow for the new guilds, so their new recruits weren’t prepared at all for GW in bracket 1 which made it impossible for us to recruit from them.
So we started looking for an existing guild that we could take over and that would become the missing link between our top guilds and Bnon. I got in touch with the GL of Light Army and she was interested.
The beginnings have been difficult. Recruiting is not easy currently and it is even more complicated when it is for a half empty guild.
That is when @Ally - then GL of Intouchables - made a thread on this forum stating his guild was looking for a merger. We came to an agreement to relocate everyone. The most active members of Intouchables joined Light Army and their talent at GW and their involvement in building teams and helping other members has been decisive for the success of the rebuilding.
Thanks to their help and the help of LA’s GL and of some of our veterans the guild has progressed very fast. We are very happy with what has been accomplished and we hope it is only a beginning.


Bracket 1 should provide you with some competitive matches for sure. See you soon.


Oh, that’s right. Intouchables rank 99 is looking for a fusion

We were set to talking about taking Intouchables into TUF, but in the meantime, we had a great group of people join us from World Soul Stealers and we’ve had a waitlist ever since.

So I recommended they take the Light Army deal because that made a lot of sense. I was so happy we all were able to work things out so all the guilds involved would be full of good people. Now we both rise and share this thread together. Now TUF has two teams in bracket 2 and Light Army has access to top GW talent to learn from! Everything continued well for both of us.


Yes, that was us and we were the 1st step for Light Army climbing back the roster. In the meantime, the former Intouchables that didn’t go to L.A. went to Bnonymous or were merged with a lower tier guild thus leaving noone behind.

Light Army will now stay in the bracket 4 for some time as we will finish between 3rd and 5th.


Awww…you did us an injustice posting results before they were fully in…you robbed us of our glory in doing so! :star_struck:

In any case, welcome to the party! The fun starts in bracket 4! Well met and we’ll be seeing you again this week it would seem on the violet battlefield! :dragon_face:


Week 11: Bracket 2. We won most of our GW battles, but our streak of 54 GW battles won in a row ended. We were within striking distance of raising into bracket 1. We’ll see how we do next week.

Unfortunately, I was caught up in multiple things and didn’t get screenshots. Fortunately, I was able to get a couple from our record keeping.


I know the results were not final, hence the fork in the 3rd to 5th position assumption but unless I become a sleepwalker I couldn’t do any better :wink:. Good job by the way for beating us on sonday. Now, I’m looking forward for this purple day revenge :smile:.


So happy for Power Gems!!


This one is going to be a nail-biter right down to the end I think…now this is what GW is all about! :smiling_imp:


5.5 hours to go. Its on like donkey kong lol


TUF: Power Gems beat Hoguns today. Win or lose, Hoguns are great guys. When GW started, I’ll never forget how TUF: Unrepentant and Hoguns both got kicked out of bracket one when we were like #5/#6, while #7/8/9/10 got to stay. I’ll always remember Hoguns as the ones who went through that with us. The third time it happened the devs stepped in to fix their algorithms and put us in bracket 1, but we never had the same fire after that. In some ways helping rebuild TUF: Power Gems was me trying to recapture that fire.


We thought it was gonna be close, but didnt expect this close

But we had a few more fights left in us, thankfully.

The close fights are brilliant, if not nerve wracking. Maybe we will see each other again next week :smiley: All the best for the rest of the week.