[RESOLVED] Vaultbreaker offer Bait and Switch?

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xbox series x

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Get 2 offers of - 2 epic keys, 1,250 gems and 125 VIP points for displayed offer price of $0.00
When I go to redeem it takes me to page that says buy huge offer 3 for 24.99 instead of 0.00.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Evey time I go into offers

Please let me redeem the offer times 2 for in game price of 0.00.

you have got to be kidding me


My goodness. You actually think it should be free. SMH.


I agree, it is illegal to bait and switch. It is a new slimy low. Someone not paying attention any easily get charged 24.99 buy pressing A button twice.


That way of getting money from players turned me off.

If the button actually let you redeem it for free then you’d be exploiting a bug.

This isn’t Walmart folks. Trying to screw over a company for a price mistake doesn’t fly here and it’s a disgusting practice either way.

Can’t judge the devs for the actual mistakes that cost players time or money and then expect compensation from bug likes this that is clearly a mistake.

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Real companies honor the mistake. Anyone who defends this says a lot. It’s very shady. Saying redeeming an offer that is on screen exploiting a bug is hilarious. Attacking the person who reports it. Typical in today’s time.

The reply should be: Thank you for pointing out the issue. In your mailbox is your reward. Which would be the offer plus extra.

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I “attacked” your sense of entitlement. Not your report.

90% of your post was fine. It was your crescendo that made me almost throw up breakfast upon reading it.

The devs used to hand out gems for bug reports. It was nice while it lasted. But no one is entitled to any rewards unless actual money or resources were spent.

Saying hey this thing says 0 dollars but it won’t give me the things for free doesn’t entitle you to shit.

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Wow. Did you know there is a correlation to iq and the use of foul language? with g-a-p in the game the value of 2 epic keys and 1250 diamonds is about 0 let alone 24.99.

Yep, and I’ve found that study to be bull shit.

A writer should use the word that best conveys his thoughts to the audience he is speaking to. And I felt like your sense of entitlement is literally shitty.

Perhaps you should spend your high intellectual time not asking for things to be free due to others mistake and being offended by a word.

But then again, considering I’m arguing with a complete stranger on the internet. I probably shouldn’t be the one advising others how to spend their time.

Now how were you harmed by getting nothing by spending nothing. You have to prove harm in a court of law. The judge would give you time behind bars for wasting his time. The correct way to report this is to send it to Devs and say look some may get mad that they cannot get it for free as the offer states. I’m letting you know about the glitch. I’m not asking for any compensation. The cool thing about this approach is if they give you compensation that you were not expecting then that is a happy person. You are going in asking for compensation so the only way to make you happy is to give you something you did not pay for. Not a good approach if you ask me.

Yes, indeed. But not in the way you think.


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No, not in any shape or form, is this bait and switch. Since when has any vault offer been free? Especially, the final tier purchase. It’s nothing more than a bug that needed to be reported. I can guarantee you wouldn’t want to “redeem” it anyways. They’d simply roll your gems back and/or ban you. Gems is a historically buggy mess.

You shouldn’t be surprised by something like this. Do you remember what happened to players, who abused their infinitely redeemable mail, a while back? Some took 20, 30 even 70k gems from that exploit. Should they have been disciplined? Decency, common sense, morality and fair play should never be lost. I’d lose my shit, if I or my guild, lost resources to obvious explots. Help make the game better by reporting issues… not creating them.

As a vip 19, soon to be 20, I know there is no way this isn’t anything other than, an unfortunate visual bug. I’m keenly aware of ALL price structures for all offers.


It most certainly is bait and switch.

They are offering something at one price (bait) to get people to click then switching to another price once they are in the purchase window.

They have free offers so it’s not unreasonable to expect a free flash offer, although admittedly those say FREE not $0. I’d be upset also if I clicked it and was presented with a $25 purchase.

This should be given to anyone who clicks it for $0 under advertising laws in various countries. If you feel you are losing too much money just back charge it to the employee that made the mistake. The lack of accountability this company has for their employees is mind blowing.


Simple case of sloppy job and negligence that once again makes the devs look bad? - sure.
Malicious intent? - no.

If something looks too good to be true (limit of two, 25 times the amount that is always handed out in free flash offers, outside of 7/14 day flash offer calendars with being redirected to store confirmation page to boot), making inquiries and asking questions is the first thing one ought to do.
But, then again, people believe all kinds of stuff…


You, me, and anyone else can believe whatever they want. The law is another thing. Their “sloppy devs” better tread lightly here. This mistake had to have made its way through multiple people and departments so it’s pretty ridiculous… This isn’t just a spelling mistake on a card or even a broken GW mechanic. It’s involving real money.

I don’t know what to tell you man. You know it’s obviously another fk up, on their end. Do you really think they’d give out 2500 gems for free? I’m sure the op has seen the structure of these offers, since their inception. It’s not bait and switch. It’s simply yet another instance of them needing to get their collective sht together. Just like it is with the bugs, this is yet another example of them being incompetent. Anyone who blindly smashes buttons, without confirming each screen, should hold some responsibility as well. The onus should be on the devs, for lack of quality control.

Yes it is, and if you read what I said also illegal.

When GaP first came out they introduced the ability to get enough verses to continuously play GaP non stop (whch translates to vault keys and way way way more than 2500 gems) which was actually encouraged by the community manager at the time. Some time later that decision was reversed and then other rewards nerfed on top of it. So to answer your question, who actually know what they will do next?
They have already given out way more gems than 2500 for free. I’ve been playing this game for 1048 days and get about 5 tributes a day on average. Low balling it to 15 per tribute, that 78,600 gems for free, plus all the numerous compensations, events, treasure maps, and vaults. As far as a one time free event, yes that’s quite a bit. In reality they have devalued gems to the point that for me it is out of the question to ever buy gems outright. To go back to the point, while that would be a very surprising amount of gems for free, who knows any more.

I’ll say it again, it’s not “simply a bug” when money is involved. There are laws involved.

So, it was silently fixed. It now shows 24.99. No reply in the bug report. No patch Notes. No in game mail for reporting the issue / saying its fixed.

Hey all,

I was in the process of chasing this up this morning, which is why there has been no update to this thread.

We have not made any changes to this deal or the data and we have also run this deal previously, so it is strange that it occurred initially and then appears to have resolved itself.

Potentially the deal data had not synced to the server and it has now since been updated :thinking:
But I’ve shared this report with the team, to keep an eye out for if there is anything going on. If I happen to get any more information or have any follow-up questions, I’ll jump back into here.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2: