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RAPSCALLIONS are looking to recruit, currently at 26/30

Closing in to the weekend and still one short.

Lol Buschka, that’s certainly different :slight_smile:

We’re looking for one quality player to join our team of experienced and cooperative guys and gals.
We work together on all events and gw, completing all tasks and events early in the week.
If you want to be part of a guild that all share the same goals and get on well together please pm, my gt is Maczenith.

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Hellooooooo everyone.
No, just kidding.

Though we’re still looking for two more players to join the fun.

Excellent reference, literal lol. And best of luck to you guys. :slight_smile:

We’re approaching Guild Wars quite quickly. Bracket 2 or 3 (depending on where we land) needs another player to assist us.
Reply and join the fun.

Are you looking to get another troop sitting as unowned in your collection?
Join us to get the yellow tower of doom.

Late update:

We were placed in bracket 2, and won it. Are you ready to join us for some top bracket fun in the upcoming GW?

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You want some? We have some!
What? Fun!

Reply here or message @Maczenith on Xbox under the same name.

Still looking for two lads or gents that don’t fear the competition in bracket 1 next week.

One definition of a rapscallion is that of “a person of lower station.”
You know the type, the commoner who gathers with friends and in their enjoyment, laugh a little too loudly for the haughty, or that group that doesn’t belong but seems not to know their place.

We are looking for a few that are willing to join us. You can easily find us, just follow the laughter.


Our foray into bracket one is over.
Amid the fallen rubble of a battlefield,
fists are raised to a missing teammate.

We rise, recount and regroup.
Entering the pub, Maze has the first round.
Then in his best Schwarzenegger voice, MacZenith says,
“We came through and we shall return.”

Some laugh, some groan, and others scratch their heads.

MacArthur lessons offered and accepted for those who join.

Still seeking three mates to round out our team.
We are planning on finishing first in bracket two and return to bracket one.

Some interesting defense team discussions, join and join in.

Still seeking three players to join our GW fun next week.
PM Maczenith to claim your spot.

GW remains the best way to test your mettle.
Join the fun.

We are accepting active players down to level 700.
A wonderful opportunity to grow with a good group.

Good guild, still looking for a few high level players. Very social mature and helpful guild.

PM Maczenith

Looking for a few more, BR1 capable people who understand GW. We are very helpful and do a lot of team theorizing for every GW. Post good offense and defensive teams and all that. We also have pretty low requirements for a br1 guild. Check us out.

PM King Phillip IV on xbox live.

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Bump bump bump bump bump.

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Bump bumpty bump

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That’s the single most mature reason to create an account on these here forums.

Welcome sco. :v:


Have room for active team players who can communicate. 1100ish would be nice.

GT: King Phillip IV

It’s been a while, but yet again we’re looking for players to join.
Requirements didn’t change, all can be found in the top post.
Message anyone at
King Phillip IV
or just look out for us in global 001.