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Rank 17 guild is recruiting — 50+ pets and 110+ LTs EVERY single week

LTs reached early Monday, feeling like Christmas each week. We offer you a minimum of 110+ LTs and 50+ pets EVERY single week.

Hi! I’m The Queen of Varangian Guard, and I’d like YOU to join our guild!
We are an independent strong guild (not a family). We climb fast without having to struggle, never forgetting to have FUN while playing!

What we need from you (minimum):

  • A daily player with experience 1000+ level
  • 3 million gold
  • 2.000 trophies
  • Participation in all events
  • Check chat regularly
  • Our reqs are here for when we encounter a bad/busy week. We all go above and beyond…

What you get:

  • Steady player base: our independence (not a family of guilds) means no forced exchange of players between higher and lower guilds
  • Currently in low GW bracket (B32), so no GW stress
  • All events completed fast and done as a team, equally. ToD finished in day 1.
  • 110+ LTs every week - averaging 3 mythic troops per month
  • Occasional gold dump weeks
  • Daily Pets galore to up your kingdoms! More than 50 pets every week
  • Access to our guild’s exclusive Discord server
  • Fun, chatty and very active players who are competitive in all areas
  • Help whenever you need it - a united team is always a winning team
  • Tired of seeing all those 0’s at the bottom of the Event scores on day 3, 4, or 5?
  • Come join us and don’t let your talents be wasted
  • Independent guild; we believe in equality - a more compact activity distribution (organized, no-one feeling left out); no burnout; no huge extra trophies obligation - freedom is the best!
  • Hardcore guild
  • Top 3 trophies guild
  • Rank 17
  • On Steam/Android/Mobile
  • A golden team, ready to be completed by You - a fabulous fighter

If you’re interested,

contact me on discord: TheQueen#0566

or join our server Varangian Guard