Rank 16 guild SNOWFROGS looking for active players(29/30)


1 spot available


1 spot going to be available on Sunday


Hello I would like to join u. My rank level is 985. I always get 1500a week. I play all guild things in the guild I’m in. I do pvp. I think my average trophies weekly is between 200-220. Not sure about the gold. If u can show me how to get more gold with strategies I will do so. I have dragon armor where I have 100% for everything. Also I pay like $20 monthly for the membership monthly to boost even more. I have been playing for about 5 months like 5 days a week. I am willing to do what it takes to make the guild successful. Willing to learn. Have taught myself most of the game by watching videos on YouTube. Watched quite a few from tacet the terror. My username is my gamer tag. I’m in a guild now. But I would like to be in one where everyone contributes. Please send me a message to let me know if you could use me or not. I don’t get offended if I don’t meet ur criteria. Thank u for ur time in the matter. Hope u have a great day.


I sent you a reply. Did you get it?


No I don’t see it. Let me check again


Was it in game or was it here on this site


Here😀. We would like to have you in our guild. Just need your invite code


1 spot available


Bump, bump, bump


1 spot still available


Hi, looking for guild to join, can meet all reqs posted, currently lv 781. Playername: Sibelios.

I’m currently in a guild that I joined when i first started playing, not a very active guild though, but I prefer not to drop this group until I can confirm possible invite to a new home. Look forward to hearing from you.