Rank 12 Guild recruiting. Xbox One (Bracket 1 guild Wars) Tasks 30+ LTs


Beauty & Beasts are recruiting. Currently ranked 12th in the world. Bracket 1 Guild Wars

If you are an active player that loves getting trophies and is willing and able to get involved in chat, talking teams, strategies etc, please let me know on here, or contact Lady DeeStroy on the Xbox One.

We are all active, friendly players. We use chat and help each other out where we can. Each week we complete all tasks on a Monday, followed by in excess of 30 legendary tasks. 40k Always completed too.

What are we looking for?
The following Minimum Weekly requirements are to be exceeded:
300,000 Gold
+400 trophies but preferably many more.
Max Seals
All sentinels upgraded to the max during guild war weeks
Scoring over 45k in guild wars (help given)

Event participation is not required

You must be at least level 500

Note: I will need your code. In order to receive an Invite, you will first have to leave your current guild. You may wish to wait until we’re both online for this.


Sent you my invite code, let me know when you are going to add me and I will leave the guild I’m in. I’m level 200 and something and I play daily. :thumbsup:


Hello Robert, I have PM you :slight_smile:


Great post :slight_smile: we will be hitting the top 20 in no time.


Lets Bump this up


Event participation is not required


Awesome guild with a great team environment :slight_smile:




This week we have achieved 32 legendary tasks so far and another is 70% done. Seals are usually completed on Wednesday.


Level 1107. Sent you my invite code … I average 1000 trophies a week :+1: :muscle:


SPARK_H3GX is my invite code … i play regularly and a lot … level 252 now … last 3 kingdoms close to lvl 10, should be done next week


Thanks Linu, I have messaged you back on Xbox.


We are all trophy mad in this guild :). Gotta get to the top!!!


It goes Bump in the night


Here’s a bump to Teds face!