Rank 11, The Unforgiven II - Recruiting Guild Wars, 400k, 1500s, 200t


Still have a couple spots open


Looking for a couple more to join us.


Would love to join a better guild , ranked 70th, i play every day ,level 570, invite code is bubrulez


sorry, that was my pc/mobile code, my xbox code is MOMLOV


Looking for a couple more


Can you text with me on xboxlive. Gt=sandnickpaula


I’m looking for an active guild where I’m not the only one donating and grinding.
I’m a level 406 with DK armor.
I have 18 cities at level 10
I get all 1,500 guild seals on the first day
I have 1,034 trophies
Not bad seeing I joined about a month ago. I’m home all day dealing with kidney disease so I’m bored and play Gems lol
My invite code is RYVENDELL_ZMZG
I’m in a dead guild now but will instantly drop when invited. Contact me through Xbox @ Ryvendell2U so I know when to drop or email @ Ryvendell 2u@gmail.com


We have a spot open.


There is one space available for a high level player looking to compete in Bracket 1. Players here also get priority to join The Unforgiven.

Message here or the gamertag Ladyfae1969!


We still have a spot open in this great guild.


hy I am looking for a professional guild, i play about 2 hours a day, more if i need specific traitstones or something like that, pls contact me here or on XBL my nick on xbl is Faalbaard as well.


We are still looking for additional top players for this solid and high performing guild.

Good communication is ideal!


Have a couple spots open. Message Ladyfae1969 on Xbox if interested


Please contact now to lock down a future space in one of our guilds, there will actually be a space available at the end of the week!

Top players with good communication are required to compete in Guild Wars Bracket 1. Once here you will gain the benefit of sharing ideas with an experienced and friendly group of players 🖒


Hello, are you still recruiting. I have all you asking for. My invite code is BEANYMAN23_ITW5


@BeanyMan23 I have PM’d you.

There will be a space at reset due to a player leaving on vacation. A high level player with good communication skills will best suit the Unforgiven guilds.


No 431 I misunderstood you.


1 space available, we are looking for a competitive player ready for Brackets 1/2 of Guild Wars :beer: