Rank 11 guild Alliance needs new members!


My Internet is down at the moment Im gonna pass the word to some guild mates to send you an invite. Do you have the discord app?


I dont but id be willing to downloaf it i use it on pc when i play league


Bump bump bump anyone out there looking for a guild?


Howdy good people. We are recruiting again. Let me know if your interested!


Bumping my post


Once again recruiting! Who wants in? Free beer!


Hey i was wondering in there was any spots left and if i could join im only level 69 though.


Well well here we are again. Couple spots open if anyone wants to join up. If you can’t do the simple reqs please dont request to join. 600k gold, max seals, 10k damage in raid, 125 towers in invasion, and 15 dooms. Easy peazy stuff! And I have free beer! You just have to come get it :wink:


10 word bump


Bumping my thread, message me on here or on xbox live my gamer tag is SR Blu. Free beer and tacos if you join us!


Homemade salsa and guacamole with the free beer and tacos if you wanna join us. You wont regret it!


Bumping the thread.


We need 2. Our reqs:

600k gold
1500 seals
no trophy req
10k damage to boss
125 towers killed
do all gw battles, magic sentinel to 4, 24 unique troops on defense, color-of-the-day on offense
15 dooms.