Rank 11 guild Alliance needs new members!


Xbox guild Alliance needs a couple new people to join our rank. Easy requirements, 600k gold, max your seals, participation in guild wars, raid (10k damage) invasion (125 towers). Easy peazy! also communication is needed whether it’s guild chat or our awesome discord channel! no trophy requirement! Even if your not level 1000 and have the dedication to want to join a top tier guild let me know, we can help, it’s how I got here! Gamer tag Is SR Blu or even better message me here if you wanna join let me know!


Bump. We’re still recruiting!


We have more than one spot open. Bring a friend!


This awesome guild is still looking for new members so come on in and bring a friend!


Hi there, I’m wondering if you still have an opening. Currently level 1173 and would have no problems with the requirements.


Hello lewdllama! What is your invite code?


Fellow gemmers this kicking butt guild is looking for 2 members. Wanna join? Of course you do! Reply here or send me a message on xbox my gt is SR Blu and if you have a friend that wants in on this awesomeness just bring them along!


Still have openings!