***quimby are recruiting one(NOW FULL) , rank 22, all tasks completed & lt too, NO REQS BAR GOLD, SEALS & GW***


Hi all,
It’s been a while since I’ve had to recruit, so let’s see if I remember how this goes!
We are rank 22 on PS4 & unfortunately slipped to bracket 2 in GW for the first time ever, something that I’d like to rectify so I’m looking for one new player to join us.
We have recently decided to waive virtually all event reqs, so our current reqs are:
Basic - 450k gold, 1,350 seals & all gw battles.
Rank promotion - 550k gold, all seals, 300 trophies & all gw battles.
We have no trophy reqs (except for promotions - outpourings of sudden game grinding are always welcome however), no raid / invasion reqs & I have no reqs for ToD either, my only requirement is gw, gold & seals. That doesn’t mean that we don’t do anything btw, just that if you have an off week or rl happens then there’s no worries - we always get most of the rewards from events but there’s no push or insistence to get them all.
We complete all weekly tasks & a few lt each week, what we also do is have a laugh on chat & help & support each other every day, as far as gaming families go we’re pretty awesome (although I am biased😉).
So if you’re tired of the grind but do still play & love kicking ass in gw then we are absolutely the guild for you!
If you’re interested, I will have a spot open for the right person after reset, you preferably need to be either over level 1,000 or have a great selection of traited troops (neither are absolutely essential but gw can be brutal if you don’t) - pm me /reply on here or hit me up on psn (same user name) :+1:t2:


Hello… I would like to join and help out the guild. I am a little weaker but can grow fast. I understand the macainics of the game so I can beat battles that would be to hard. I can easily meet all of your requirements. My invite code is DRACONICDRAGON_DBSD… Also my psn account is dkids1246 this is a family account so that’s why it is named the way it is but I am the only one that plays GoW.