QuestLand Secret Codes!


Im gonna join too, when this comes to Android. Make sure there is a seat for me in Team Rainbow!


Mee too!



@Vega. @beanie42, @theis2310, @Qsijik: I added you guys. :smiley:
Feel free to add me if you like: K55 KKN JS6


s79kwhaqc is my code


Added yours MK. :slight_smile:


@beanie42, @theis2310, @Qsijik, @madking All codes have been entered!

efh313’s code: 4EV M86 33J


Looks like a nifty game! Been looking for stuff I can play in bite-size pieces. Thanks for the recommendation :slight_smile:


So the Guild feature is not available yet… which means we will have the opportunity to dominate this game from the get go! :wink:


My code: 6nc7fvep9


Here’s mine!


[edit] I’ve entered all codes above this post :slight_smile: Thanks for the goodies!


@Ferumbras and @Arelana Codes Entered!


I’ve also entered everybodies codes, but I don’t want to keep posting “added”, so I’m just giving a “like” to code posts after I enter them.

And this was a good find @efh313 . Good time waster, for when I just have a couple minutes here and there. Thanks for recommending it.

Name Code
efh313 4EVM8633J
Ashasekayi K55KKNJS6
beanie42 JCDXDT4XC
theis2310 54CKVYJBS
Qsijik B3F2D2EFX
madking S79KWHAQC
Ferumbras 6NC7FVEP9
Arelana 9P3WVCQZ2


My code: VP7 R3Y VH3


My invite code is (7xtkga3t3)


My Code: TRX NZY 2YS


My code is 594q92hz3 entering all the Ines here too :slight_smile:


Please add me: d59uwrkfr


Just an update:

I have CLAIMED ALL the rewards for BOTH Secret Code categories!
I will of course continue to enter any codes that get placed here but, I want to express my gratitude to each of you!

:heart: :hugs::heart::hugs::heart:

You all ROCK! :sunglasses:



Hello my name si DARKPOWER. My codes is QR6N7EMM8