QuestLand Secret Codes!


If you are so inclined…
I have started messing around with a new game called Questland.
It seems very fun and fairly addictive, and fortunately it is not a heavy time sink and the devs are pretty generous with their premium currency PLUS there are Pity Timers on the best chests which makes me very excited!

If you decide to check it out, or all already playing, please consider entering my SECRET CODE to get free stuff!

My Code: 4EV M86 33J

Feel free to post your code here and I will enter yours giving you additional free goodies too!


Questland secret code
Questland secret codes

The game looks cute. I’ll give it a try later. :smiley:


What platform please?




That’s what I thought. I couldn’t find it.


Its not out on android yet but i will let u know when it is


Here’s my code: K55 KKN JS6

Curse you for finding this addiction, efh! :sweat_smile:


When I reach a point to start a guild we will all have to join together and reign supreme!! :wink:

Your code has been entered Pretty Kitty!! :smiley_cat:


Team Rainbow :wink:


Yes yes… we must join forces. I want with be Queen Pretty Kitty though. :kissing_cat:


Thanks…I need something to play on my phone while my daughter watches peppa pig…


Peppa Pig… omg!
I have 6 yr old twins… they are FINALLY over Peppa.

Praise God!
Praise RNGesus!
Praise Gard!



Ikr. I’m sick of em!


Add me: QW3 HWA 7UB


@Vega Code added!

Please add me: 4EV M86 33J


Thanks for the game suggestion @efh313, I’ll check it out, since I think I might need a new one soon.


@efh313 Done!


Here’s mine:


Hello everyone!:slight_smile: I would really appreciate if you would use my code too: 54ckvyjbs
Have a Nice Day :slight_smile:


That’s my code guys, I’ve added all of yours!
When are we making that guild?