PS4 rank 3 guild recruiting


I was actually recommended to you and your guild by a member who welcomed me as a new forum member looking for help, who was in a very similar situation a while ago, so to receive the reply from you I did was a real shock. Thank you for your warm welcome and advice, you’re a real gentleman.


@Dan_ozzzy189, Hi, I am truly sorry, I totally misread what you wrote and hence my reply was dumb. I wasn’t really “with it” when I replied this morning, not that I am using that for an excuse. I would also like to apologise for being rude, looking back I really regret what I said. Once again sorry.


Hi there im Looking for a guild. I play almost every Day, Lvl 138 needing an active guild. Invite code is VOLDIN_8XSH


4 spots left to fill :wink:


Lvl 207


@sxesic, Thanks, I just sent an invite but it is saying you are already in a guild. Let me know if I need to send it again.


Sry, forgot about that! Send it again pls, thx!


@sxesic, Looks like you got it, welcome to the guild.


50k and 50 trophies per week? I can do that. JUAITOR_W81G is my invite code.


@JuaitoR, Hi, would be happy to accept you, but that invite code is not working for me :confused:

Send me a message here and we will work it out. :smile:


I’ve had two people who’s codes don’t work with gra


@Dan_ozzzy189, Yep, has happened to me once before, fortunately we got it sorted this time :smile:

I believe they can always contact support and they will be given a new code if for some reason it is not working. When it happened the last time I think it was because part of their code contained a blocked word so oddly the system was not allowing it. Wasn’t even a rude word really but it didn’t want to let me use it lol.


4 places remaining.

Bumped due to another guild flooding the board with multiple posts… :eyes:


Hi, I’m level 535 and I get over 100 trophies per week easily. 100K gold is also not a problem.

My invite code is: EDUSAN_BDTQ


Hey, just sent you an invite but I got the “another guild” thing, just let me know if I need to send it again.


Done. I’m free now. You can send it again.


Ah, there you there. Laggy servers lol. Thanks for joining, pretty sure we are going to break into the top 20 guilds this week :smile:


4 places available, I am only bumping this thread because other guilds have more than 1 and are pushing others down the list… :wink:


We’re on the 17th spot now and we always keep going up! It’s a great guild to be in, really active and the gold donations go towards gems and keys. I’ve been in this guild since it was ranked 106 and it’s awesome to see how far we’ve come in that time.


5 places to fill, nearly all of the other guilds above us are full, so best to join us :wink: