PS4 rank 3 guild recruiting


@LadyDynamite1, Done :slight_smile:


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


It says i dont have permission to do it


@LadyDynamite1 Try again, the upgrade seemed to reset the first time, but I just did it again.


Why cant i invite my friend im typing the code right?


It says the code doesn’t exist


@LadyDynamite1, said the same to me, I would check with your friend


Is there any way he can change the code


@LadyDynamite1, nope, you can try his GoW player name though


How do i do that


@LadyDynamite1, just find out what his character name is on GoW, for example yours is LadyD, I think that works in place of an invite code, but could be wrong lol.


Thanks, im in.

Itll be nice to feel like im contributing towards something lol.


Nope desnt work and hes not happy with because i made him leave the guild lol


@LadyDynamite1, oh dear, sorry to hear that :frowning: I don’t know why his invite code isn’t working tbh, it just says “Does not exist” when I try and there is no other way of adding him :frowning:


Iv sent a messege to the gow dev i think he can change the code


Wow, after 1 day Ive recieved more rewards from guild tasks than I have in the last month lol.


@Shade667, Cool, you should be getting plenty of keys and gems as we are burning through those tasks pretty quickly :sunglasses:


@Graeme Are you still looking for new people? The guild I am in is like basically dead, with only a few logging in and the leader doesn’t log on to kick out all the dead people for space to open up.

I don’t play a super huge amount of time, but I do at least a few battles a day. I’ve yet to figure out how people make lots of gold, even when I do go on attacking sprees I don’t seem to get much, and most goes to trying to level my kingdoms, so my extra gold is not a lot but I do try to donate at least 1k per day. and can do about 20k a week right now if I lessen what I give to kingdoms.

Let me know, and I will leave my guild and post my invite code.


If you are still looking for people I would be interested. Currently in a guild where no one plays anymore. I’m not on every day but I’d like a guild that’s a lot more active.


Levelling up ur home kingdom and finishing ur quest lines help. If u log in everyday, and are in a champion level guild (like this guild is ) You will recieve 1k per day, + ur kingdom income (which for me is usually another 1100 if ive left it for 24 hours).

Other than that only other ways of making lots of gold is to purchase an armour set that boosts ur gold %, or doing lots of treasure map minigames/ arenas.