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Protagonists bullies and batters. ...u know who u are

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Or just … don’t touch global chat because why in blazes would anyone even go there?

I’ve never had this problem in five years. Because I’ve never touched global chat.


No ‘shout outs’ please, meaning no calling out people by name or guild, finger pointing w/o evidence is slander and if you think there is someone cheating or doing something wrong, the best avenue is to just send screenshots to the dev’s via the support form and let them handle it.

I have 2 players blocked on globals and it cut down toxic chat by 50% for me. Sure every once in a while you have to block a new alt or troll, but that’s what the button is there for, your peace of mind.^^

Official Support Form link can be found on forums, here is a quick link to it tho.


Closed thread as callouts are against community guidelines.

also, what Kaheradin said :slight_smile: