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POST CLOSED PERMANENTLY. Look for our new recruiting post

I will let you know.
You need to get to level 500 first :slightly_smiling_face:

One spot available

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Promise we don’t bite! (Not unless you ask :wink: )

Stuck in a dead guild? Crawl out of that grave and join The Realm
PM me if interested or you have any questions

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Edit: position filled. If you find this and are interested anyway, PM me or Mariana and we’ll keep you in mind next time we have a position available.

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One room available at the Zombie Inn PM ME IF INTERESTED


You can check in anytime you like…,

Please PM me if interested. One spot available

All basic tasks and 4 epics completed this week.
One spot available for team minded player who wants to play for fun, it’s a game not a job!

One spot available.
All basic tasks completed usually on Monday. 40k seals every week. All portals closed in events.
GW participation required, all other events minimum use your free sigils.
Discord recommended but not mandatory


Be one of those standing :skull_and_crossbones:

In The Realm of the Undead the living are Royalty
One spot available, join our great team

Looking for a way out of that dead guild?
Walk our way

We have 2 spots available for active guild war players.
Other events participation is minimum use your free sigils or contribute a minimum of 550k gold.
Please PM me if interested or you have questions

I only got questions

So many questions

Crawl on up out of that dead guild
Join the party in The Realm

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Is something puzzling you about the game?
We have some high level zombies err players that can help with that.
One spot available

We welcome you with open arms.
One spot available