Poll: Your Typical Daily Dungeon Reaction

  • You use a curse word
  • You want to throw your controller
  • You feel defeated
  • You start thinking of quitting the game
  • Indifferent / No reaction
  • Happy
  • Other

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Thanks for all the votes. I hope it shows the developers how people feel about the changes to the Dungeon.

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Please listen to the feedback about this dungeon disaster :skull_and_crossbones:

The customers/players aren’t wrong. :face_with_head_bandage:

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I refuse to care.
So far, I got three perfect runs in three months, and without the compensation mail a while ago, I would not even have my first dragon yet. I consider those dragons a very, very longtime project at this rate; a couple of years or so. One lost day more or less - why should I still get mad about it?
Especially with so much stuff around, that offers far less chances to repeat for free… was that the sound of a Valraven fluttering away?

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To me, the way the new Dungeon was implemented was all wrong.

Instead of only getting dragonite for a perfect run, you should start with with a base amount of dragonite based on your descent level, then with each trap you hit the amount you get is reduced.

So if your perfect run would get you 100 dragonite, then hitting the 1st trap would reduce that by 50% and if you hit the 2nd trap as well, then its a 90% loss of dragonite. So your potential reward at the end could be 100, 50, or 10 dragonite. This way at least defeating all 3 battles still got you something in the end and you could work you way up to getting the 500 needed for an egg. Especially since the dragon you get can be a repeat. Instead of going days/weeks/months without ever getting a perfect run to earn any.

I know why its not like this and that’s because if it was, then there would be no point for anyone to spend 300 gems on 60 dragonite. Which I personally refuse to do as I don’t see the value in it. It’s a waste of gems on a limited resource that isn’t used except on getting the dragons and crafting 2 weapons.

And once you get them, like so many other limited resources, it becomes useless and just gets stock piled until maybe somewhere down the road the devs release a crafting recipe that uses it, of course they also tie that same recipe to whatever new limited resource they just introduced making it all pointless. Or they just stop caring about it altogether like they did with War Coins.

Its gotten to the point where I open the doors and if I hit a trap I don’t even bother to do the dungeon battles cause I don’t see the point now. When before it was 3 quick battles that I could earn some jewels/shards from and maybe some diamonds toward the next mythic to craft. Now its just another mode that feels like a chore to play.

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I do like that idea, hitting a trap reduces the payout. It makes sense. I wish there was a mode just to turn off the bonus payouts and let us revert back to the 3 quick battles.

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I suggested something of that kind a few months ago by deactivating traps on the lowest difficulty level.

If this were implemented, it would have to cost substantially more than 500 dragonite to get an egg. Because there would be more dragonite in the “in-game economy” than there is at present. A lot more dragonite. It would completely undermine the purposes for which the developers put a 300 gem price tag on extra supplies of dragonite.

Buying dragonite should not have been the purpose of putting of the mode, dragon eggs, dragonite. There should have been a small amount each day like diamonds with a free offer doing all 3 battles. They had an ok model with diamonds. They should not have deviated.

They could have given us 5/5/10 and lowered the amount we could have earned extra from perfect runs.

Would at least have been some progress. And those who wanted to get the dragons faster would still have paid the 300 gems.


It is just annoying. Not the end of the world but I just want to connect some gems and not feel annoyed.

Getting a trap always results in me shouting an F-bomb at the TV. And once a trap is found, I don’t bother with the battles because it takes too damn long to fight against enemies that are even stronger than E12, especially with traps hampering my team.

I did finally manage to get all 6 egg Dragons after crafting my 13th egg this morning, so I’ll soon be at the point of not needing to buy Dragonite anymore and can just work my way back to level 1 for quick Dungeon fights. Problem is that I’d need 19 ascending stairs to go from level 20 to level 1 and that’ll likely take months. Too bad you can’t just pick a Dungeon level from 1-20 like you can with Bounty.

As others have stated, guaranteed Dragonite for simply beating all battles would have made Dungeons a lot less frustrating, even if it meant reducing the amount of Dragonite awarded for a perfect run. Way, way, way too much RNG involved here.


I don’t disagree with you, but the developers would.

The odds are what, something like 1-in-10 to get a perfect run? And you get 80-120 dragonite for that perfect run? So based on that, the “average” player should get 8-12 dragonite per day, depending on how lucky they’ve been with Descending Stairs.

So if you don’t want the price for an egg to inflate, you probably need to re-jigger your numbers as to not have significant amounts of additional dragonite entering the economy, additional meaning “above and beyond the average trickle now”. Which means reducing those perfect run numbers by a lot more than the guaranteed amount you put in at the front end, especially if doing so leads to more people playing Dungeons on a semi-regular basis.

Which, to me, suggests that you’re dropping the 80-120 for a perfect run to 40-60 and in return getting 1/1/2 for the battles. Which leads to roughly the same overall averages, but also substantially increases the amount of time to accumulate enough dragonite for an egg if you aren’t buying daily offers.

Its not 1 in 10. More like 1 in 30. Once a month is the rate for most. And its not true odds. They rig it. I have had 4 picking the same 3 doors.

It should have been less frustrating. Could have made it 20 +1 per dungeon level for example. 10+ for all I care.

Yes, it’s nice to get a good chunk for a perfect run but the joy lasts until you hit the next trap.

Plus right now players get double punished for triggering traps: 0 dragonite and tougher battles.

Add the randomness of the eggs into the mix and it’s no wonder people don’t like it.


Just saying - the percentages add up to 128% not 100%

That’s because people could select several reactions

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Do the forum moderators look at the feedback and pass it on? I hope this poll is showing that we are not happy with the dungeon rework.

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Meh, whatever - if I hit trap on the first door;
(under my breath) expletive not especially bright expletive creators, followed by meh, whatever - if trap comes after a good door;
Meh, whatever - after a perfect run, just doesn’t pay to feel otherwise.

Scottl: Almost nothing from this forum reaches the people in control of the game. Moderation will of course keep an eye on the thread, but the inofficial requirements, for when they are allowed to forward it, are high enough, that the gods of greed won’t have to be bothered by us mortals.