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Pharos Ra Support Group... All Welcome... 😭

To all of you who are of like mind and spirit:
We are less than 24 hours from the next Soul Forge reset. I implore you, lift up your thoughts, prayers, positive energies. Light candles, burn paper, invoke beings of alternate plains of existence. Beg, plead, cry, bleed!!
Do whatever you must to assist in Pharos Ra finding his mythic arse back into the god forsaken Forge!!!


Thank you…


I’m so with you! Every week it’s the same damn begging and hoping, always for nothing and then waiting another full week…
…Hope you’re here tomorrow to rename this into “No Pharos-Ra Support Group” if/when he’s not there. And let’s be honest: RNG hates us, he won’t be there.:weary:


I will spend today in hope that tomorrow I will be renaming the thread to “Pharos Ra has Returned!!!”

But if not… the support group will be formed! :wink:


Done and done :stuck_out_tongue:

Now what am I supposed to do again with these chicken entrails? OK that got dark lol


Thanks Krud! I forgot to mention sacrifices of assorted beasts. But you got it covered!

As for the entrails, deep fried it all tastes like chicken or it might make a nice broth… :thinking:

Now I’m hungry… :disappointed:

Maybe that’s what this week’s ingame event was also about? I mean, we were/are helping Amira to feed Monster Muncher for the Snotgems. Does that count as “beast sacrifices”? :wink:

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I’m trying to put my spare Pharos into the Forge but it’s like trying to get the square peg in the circular hole.

It’s just not working. I’ve failed you all. I’m sorry.


I’m ready for him as well, now if only I had 6 more celestials, it’s a good thing it’s a new mythic Friday.

I litteraly farmed ALL traitstones necessary for him, and about 150k souls (with no pharos-ra) this weekend, so if he dun drop imma whoop his ass!
I made backup plans for a Famine though, but only got traitstones to get 2/3 traits so far… Still got a few hours to kill :smiley:
May the RNG-gods have mercy on us all.

Sorry, I’m a week out from being able to craft a Mythic.

Accordingly, I obtained some Papyrus and inscribed the proper Hieroglyphs, then slathered it with honey and garlic (well-known to repel Pharos-Ra) and burned it while reciting the required incantations.

Pharos-Ra will stay away this week! :smiling_imp:

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On console im crossing fingers to see stonehammer and wish i won’t have to wait for 11 weeks to see him

I’m thinking of crafting one so I can have three. Then it’ll be full souls ahead! Sorry, I’ll get my coat…



And to think I wasted some likes on you… :rage:



Though really, I fully expect that, once I have crafted Pharos-Ra (whenever that may be), I will then, with my next Glory Key, get a second one. With the very next key. That’s how it always is. Though admittedly, having three does sound nice… I need more souls.


I got one opening glory keys when merlantis came out. It was a nice surprise and I usually farm on warlord 3 or 4 with valk and acolyte and the ra twins. 720 souls a battle soon adds up.

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I am crossing my fingers for y’all.

Um… now I’m on @Lardy-Porker’s side because he made me laugh.

Such is my caprice.


@efh313 poke poke poke

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Daaang lucky!
Also sounds like a really nice team you have going there.

I make 140 souls with TDS on Warlord II. Battles are super-easy because of hit-all, but yeah… it’s so slooow. So jealous of you! :stuck_out_tongue:

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It doesn’t take long either plus if you get acolyte filled off valkrie, he can be saved to help fill one of the ra’s if ones self looped.

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It’s nice to know, I’m not the only one waiting for Pharos Rah ! :slight_smile:

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