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[PC/mobile] Have a life but still want to play on a good level? Join Drums of Krynn. 🌸 One spot open

@Sageofewa We use Discord, do you know it?

Haven’t used it - familiar with line though. But I joined another guild

OK, thanks for letting us know. Good luck in your new guild. :slight_smile:

We are now full again, let us know if you are interested in joining at a later date.

We have an open spot, are you the player that will make us whole again? Please contact me on discord: spaceoddity#0934 or send me a pm.

Hi .I am very interested! I have been playing GOW for almost a year and love it. I play daily and contribute over 200k min gold , 80 trophies & 1500 seals often. My current guild has been losing ground and I have been hoping to join up with one that is more interested in the guild wars.

Good to hear that. Do you use discord or are prepared to use it? It is important for the GW. What is your invite code?

My code is joaph. I am aware of discord an would like to get on it

Good, I will send you an inivte. If you come you guild chat when you are in I will guide you through the process. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to using it

We’ve got two spots open, so if you are looking for a place as a duo, this is your chance! :sunny:

One spot is filled already. Come and join us before the other is taken too! :slight_smile:

We have two openings this week, pairs are welcome. Let me know if you fancy a spot in an active and friendly guild. :sunglasses:

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Only one spot left now, come and get it while its hot! :wink:

We have a spot available, let me know if you are interested either here, in pm or on discord. :slight_smile:

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We are full again, however if you are interested in joining at some point please contact me here or on discord: SpaceOddity#0934.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we have one spot open again! Come and join our guild while you have the chance. :smiley:

In addition to contacting SpaceOddity, I can be reached here or on Discord at kevin-#0075 if you have any questions. :slight_smile:

Back to full. Interested parties, let us know if you’d like to be on the waiting list.

We are looking for one new member to join our friendly crew. Come celebrate the holidays with us and participate in the special events. :gift:

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