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Old troops rework suggestion

So a lot of people think old troops deserve a bit of a rework (call it a buff eh?) to come at least close to the new powerhouses we are getting. Here are some of the suggestions from me, and everyone is free to give their opinion too.

  • Abhorath- spell is fine, but his legendary trait is very lame. Can’t he get at least 5 to every state when an enemy dies??

  • Carnex: just a small boost to the spell in terms of armor gain. It should definitely scale with magic. Even that won’t make him see much play but would be a much needed buff.

  • Cthyryzyx - his spell deals damage from a range between 3 - magic+8. 3? What will he do with 3 damage in current health totals? Make peasant say “use me not that lame troop!”? Make the range scale with magic completely. With 10 magic he should do between 10-18 for example. Better yes? Strong? Not even close.

  • Dark master - Why isn’t this troop damage scaling with magic? Beats me. Give him a small buff and make it scale with 1:1 magic.

  • Dire wolf - 6 mana to place hunter mark? Maybe instead of giving him an extra turn that he doesn’t need make his spell say: if there is already a hunter mark on the troop deal damage equal to 1:1 magic scaling.

  • Elwyn - make his boost in damage from yellow gems destroyed x3. x1 was for the meta that had 5 times less hp/armor.

  • Frost giant - make his damage boosted based of number of skulls x2. Same argument as with Elwyn.

  • Hydra - legendary trait change. Hydra could get 2 life at the start of each turn (not recover, gain) would fit her spell. OR at least boost the damage of her current trait to at least 5.

  • Keeper of souls - his last trait needs to be changed. Not buffed, changed. If it sad summon a wight when an enemy dies it would still be bad. Maybe change to: gain 2 mana each time you match skulls.

  • Moloch - legendary trait change. We have a superior version of his traits on plague. He needs a different trait. Maybe drain 1 mana from a random enemy on 4/5 match? Or reduce magic by 1 on a random enemy on 4/5 match? Trait name can remain the same.

  • Orion - here we have a legendary troop that can do 3 damage. What will he do with 3 damage in current health totals? Make peasant say “use me not that lame troop!”? Make the range scale with magic completely. He now deals 3 - magic+9, make it magic - magic+9.

  • Salamander - reduce mana cost to 12.

  • Shadow dragon - 2 things need changing. First make his boost on conversion go from 3:1 per yellow convert to 2:1. It needs a bit more damage for a single true damage hit. He is a legendary troop. Legendary trait change: first of all attack gain is apsurd. Make it say this: on purple match deal 1 true damage to all poisoned enemies.

  • Shegra - legendary trait change: inflict burning on all enemies when I get damaged.

  • Tau - since enemies won’t really die from his spell change it to. Deal magic +5 damage to an enemy. Gain 2 to all skills.

  • Valor - …if an enemy dies give ALL alies 8 life, not just to a random ally.

  • Venoxia - spell change: create 9 blue and 9 green gems, then deal 5 true damage to all enemies. Deal triple damage if the are poisoned. Poison all enemies. / Also legendary trait change: same name, but it should say: poisoned enemies will take 1 true damage every turn (make the chance of poison happening 100%)

That would be all. I didn’t mention garnok because I have no idea what could be done about him.
What do you think about my suggestions? Did I left anyone out? What would you change?


Good suggestions overall!

We have this one already in DRACOS 1337. I like the 1-mana drain suggestion (note though that this would hurt his own effectiveness).


Totally forgot about dracos xD
It would hurt him so much tho :smiley:
Bottom line his trait should be changed since devs gave us as its version x2 so it feels very bad now.

Thanks for adding Dire wolf. As of now he’s pretty useless.

@HKdirewolf you got joked on sucka!


I think Keeper of Soul is fine to summon a Wight now that a Wight does souls. The chance to do so should really be 100% though. Even then it isn’t 100% since slots need to be cleared.


For the spell, I’d also be happy if it let me target a specific troop (instead of random).

And yeah, I agree that its legendary trait is so outclassed by almost everyone else’s.

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I strongly agree with this thread.

Although I do not want to see Orion with entangle protection… I’m all for his spell being buffed.

But I feel like entangle should be a counter to him.

I don’t want to see another Manticore (it’s comparable in my eyes because Orion has a 75% chance to hit life rather than armor, while manticore has to power house through armor but gets a great attack buff so to me it sort of balances out. He is impervious so entangle can’t work against him and it can be a nightmare sometimes. Especially with multiple manticores. I do not not want yet another troop like that annoyingly frustrating manticore ever again lol)

War sphynx and asiris need more love also

Extra turn for asiris
Gain health, armor or att for war sphynx

@DonBoba I don’t see Dokkalfar on this list either?

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You mean Orbweaver, right? :wink:


Dokkalfar, make his damage scale off magic too. Then raise his cost by 1-2 mana.

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I like the idea for Dire wolf, but how about some more synergy. Give it a boost ratio of like 6x for the number of Dire Wolves in your team.

Hydra really should have some kind of like 7% heal each turn, to fit the fact that Hydras regen like crazy. But have a quirk that burning stops the heal. Also having a big regen would balance out the toughness with the loss of spell dmg.

If Moloch for a 1 mana drain on 4/5 match, I could see people using his just because of that in mana gen teams, the same way Queen mab is used pretty much ONLY because of her op freeze locking.

Orion does need some more scaling, but instead of only a 9 dmg range, how about magic +/-6.

Not too keen on the Venoxia idea of triple true dmg on poisoned enemies. True dmg is something that I think is starting to be a problem, with Khorvash, Drakulous, and to a minor part Crimson Bat.

Also holy hell, this is the most coherent though I have had in awhile. Thank you white noise.

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I agree true damage is mostly meta now days (that’s because of huge hp and armor totals, makes it easier to just chew enemy down by ignoring armor)
At this point venoxia is doing 2 true damage. He might have no damage in his spell and it would make no difference at all. But if he does flat 5 damage and triple that if the enemy is poisoned he would still be doing less damage then Crimson and draakulis :slight_smile:

I was thinking about putting Azaria, but it wouldn’t make a difference for him so I left him out.

Also war spyinx is a very strong troop, but he could totally gain a RANDOM stats after he cast his spell with 1:1 scaling with magic :slight_smile:

i think rebalancing Gar’nok should be made something like:

-summon random orc (or random groshnak troop) give x attack to all other allies boosted by my missing life 3:1 and deal them 1 damage

or a change in garnok mana colors / orc spell


Summoning random orc sounds great!

Just to reference in this thread which has lots of similar suggestions and debate: Buffs to legendary troops

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I love this sort of thing. But a few of the troops you list are, in my opinion, already pretty strong. I think it’s most interesting for me to point out those few instances.

1 - Dire Wolf’s extra turn was a GREAT Buff to the troop. I dislike that it got bumped to 13 gems though. Was really effective at 10. But damage instead of the extra turn would make him useless, imho.

2 - Frost giant. If you don’t think this is a solid troop, you are mistaken. The magic here is that he scales from skulls, but doesn’t remove them! Some pretty exciting/ zany loops are possible. Try him with Sylvanimora, to entangle top troop - which allows you to just spam skulls and keep them around forever.


Frost giant is a nice troop yeah. But it ain’t going to see any play above level 100 unless he gets buffed a bit. His damage was designed for times when troops had 3-4 times less total hp/armor.
I’m just trying to suggest how to push troops to be more viable toward the mid, maybe even late game.
And extra turn could be kept on Dire with adding damage on top :slight_smile:
Also 13 gems is a bit to much for him or for kruarg too.

What about dokkalfar? Sure he summons a giant spider but after 20 magic his magic just goes to waste.

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