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[NOT A BUG] No class XP reward in PvP and Explore matches after the patch

The issue has been resolved.

I was unable to reproduce this (that is, I did get class XP) in Explore mode on an iPhone.

Edit: also tested with both variants of PVP.

Tested on Android after patch.

Working as intended for me




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Please, try Diabolist class. I am starting to think that perhaps it is this specific class related problem.

Seems to be working still.

You sure you have hero equipped in team you are using?

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Yes, I am sure. But the game acts as if I didn’t have a hero equipped.

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Figured I’d check. Has happened before lol

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It’s working here. With Diabolist class, in casual PvP and explore, I get class XP.

Have you tried different teams? Share a team, we can try with it.


The issue seems to resolve itself. Thank you for all your kind help! :slight_smile: