No x5 Mimic Chests

Platform, device version and operating system: - Xbox

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Have a x 5 chest appear and a chance for Hoard Mimic

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I play daily and grind level 12. Also during the 2 vault events grind level 2. Please pull my stats on explore Boss chests. The law of averages should have happened many times by now.

Steps to make it happen again
Explore 12, do Boss chests.

It sounds like you might not understand the probabilities involved here. The 95% range is roughly at 300, meaning 1 out of 20 players will not get a Hoard Mimic fight within 300 boss chests. Unless you’ve opened several thousand boss chests without success by now you are just a bit unlucky, like hundreds of other players.


Hi @scottl1969,

I understand your frustration in this but in this is no bug or error its the big part of patient and luck you must have in GoW like with mythic pulls, Nysha tokens and in my case the cursed gnomes.
In the guild I join, there are plenty of members who spend hours and hours on Expl 12 and still doesnt have the Hoard mimic battle or the mythic and I play also often L 12 but got the battle on L 5 and was the first Hoard Mimic and got the Mythic as reward.
So on all levels you can trigger a H. mimic battle and give you chance on the mythic, but it can also ask very much patient and even more luck in these!
Much pleasure and success with get the Hoard Mimic battle’s my way is stopping hunting and expecting you got it coz it makes my pleasure and fun in game much lesser and when you are not expected it, it drops for your feet.

1800+ Boss Fights. 0 Hoard Mimic fights.
You can talk about “outliers” till the Sun burns out.
That should not happen.

Same. It’s really ridiculous. It should not be an achievement when its total RNG and no skill. Maybe it a bug in the xbox platform. Hard to tell.