Newbie with good questions

Hi guys,

Total new guy here. Downloaded the game last night at 8pm and suddenly it was 1am and I need to go to bed!

I don’t like asking this question, as feel I should have found it somewhere but have looked around (Reddit/Gamefaqs/here) and I can’t actually find an “idiots guide” to this game. There seems to be a LOT to do, in a fair few different places, and whilst I never want to be “the best” at games I don’t like the idea of making really dumb mistakes at the start.

Is there a general guide somewhere on here? Like I have received some new troops, and one is listed as Ultra Rare but I dunno what that actually means in game. For some games that would mean I have been incredibly lucky, for other UR actually pops up pretty much each week?

Thanks for any responses. Had a look around here and it seems a very friendly place, a rarity for the internet :slight_smile:


Check out Tacet on Youtube he has a lot of helpful videos.


Welcome hermanbloom,

Tacet’s videos cover every important thing about this game.
Join an active guild, that will boost your progress more than anything else.

about rarity.
Common [White]
Rare [Green]
Ultra-Rare [Blue]
Epic [Purple]
Legendary [Orange]
Mythic [Turquoise]

A good start is to buy gold and glory chests to get a good amount of new troops.


If you have any specific question you can write me a private msg and I will be happy to answer them all :slight_smile:
I’ve played for over a year so I got experience :slight_smile:
First of all welcome :slight_smile:
Few hints from the top of my mind:

  • Don’t spend gems until you collect enough for dragon armor. Buy it when you do collect it. Then save to buy 50 gem chests at a time.
  • join anow active guild, benefits are huge
  • don’t spend gold on gold chests, use it for kingdom leveling and donating to your guild
  • bring all your kingdoms to level 5 as soon as you can, then all magic kingdoms to level 10
  • use a troop that generates souls (valk or tds are great options)
    Any additional questions you might have, just pm me ill be happy to help you in detail :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot guys, great replies already! I already spent some gems as was given some in game so first thing I will kmake sure I change habit-wise! Will be sure to PM any questions, and will check out those items on YouTube :slight_smile:

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I’m actually working on Zendesk articles that should (theoretically) cover this sort of thing… In the meantime, for the most part, asking people on the forums is the most reliable way to get good answers - and if its something that players don’t know, the devs are around here as well.

If you’re up to it, check your troop list and hit the ‘show all’ button - that will show every troop available, including the ones you don’t have (or one of the databases we have for that stuff like That might give you some perspective on what is strong and what isn’t. Or just totally overwhelm you. One of the two.


this might help you out to nail most important things to begin with


I was just looking through my subscriptions on youtube and saw that video and came back here to post that.

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ZenDesk articles written by @Shimrra? Sounds like a great idea!

@DonBoba is a great resource but if you ever get tired of him, you can pm me as well @hermanbloom!

This is by far the best forum community I’ve ever been a part of and what you discribed in hours last night will soon be weeks and months. GoW will never let you go! :wink:



Thanks guys. Been watching the “100 things” videos and they are great! Also got Tyri last night and levelled her a bit, as seems everyone says she is great. I assume it’s the chance to get treasure maps that make her so important?

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I think it’s more about her mana collecting. Believe me, soon after you join a nice guild (or build a nicely looping deck), you’ll have loads of maps and will wish there was some way to use them all at once :smiley:

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Yeah I seem to have 10 already and am like “so do I need to run that mini-game 10 times already?!?”

Exactly :smiley: After almost three months of playing I have close to 100 maps despite I play a few every day.


when you start thinking like that you can toss tyri outa your team for anything more useful that can fit there. no point to burn yourself on the maps - once u get sick of them there is no return
but keep her if she actually makes a good synergy :slight_smile: and yes she can be helpful if you level her magic up to pick more mana

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Ok cool, thanks. Last question for now (will PM the kind volunteers above of I get any more today), I keep seeing Valkyire get mentioned. How do I go about getting that troop, or does that happen much later (lvl 19 currently).

Thanks again everyone :slight_smile:

Easiest would be to get her from glory or gold chests. If you play on the consoles, I would say it is worth buying gold chests until you get Valkyrie. If you play mobile/PC, just open gold and glory chests you get from the guild.

There is no level requirement for troops as far as I know.

Perfect, thankyou!

i think it is fine for you to just keep asking here - it is really not a big deal and many ppl like to help

but if for some reason you feel uncomfortable with it feel free to pm me any time (but i do check forum something like once a day mon-fri and not always besides to that)
i play on pc/mobile

Thanks very much :slight_smile: I have just logged back in and there was a “!” on my PVP icon, but then when I pressed it there was nothing except the usual screen? Is it an alert of some kind?