New skulls are offensive

Seriously, what is up with the new skulls. It mocks male pattern baldness with green side hair and to top it off, it has a clown nose.

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I thought it was supposed to resemble a joker/clown type character. Turn off the festive effects if you find it offensive

Poor Bozo the Clown. he already gets made fun of for balding. :clown_face:

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It simply resembles the clowns we have for devs. I mean do they even play the game?


LOL Zing

They obviously do not test it. Game locks up after battles now, battle crasher issue, terrible campaign tasks again, the new achievement for 300 currency stops working if you played the Legends Reborn Campaign.

What is the occasion for having clown skulls, anyway?

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Thats what id like to know @Stratelier. Personally i dont find them offensive but i am curious about them

It’s for International Clown Week which is Aug 1 through 7 this year.


Thank you rotten sis!

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It’s every week in GoW :sweat_smile:

Time to watch Pennywise again then.

Some people just need things to be upset about. And to somehow infer the intent shows a remarkable telepathic ability that should be harnessed, I suppose.


I keep my settings simple. Nothing to fuss about. Life is simpler.

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