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New Pet - Lil' Freedom

Why didn’t we have John Bull, a British Bulldog on the Queen’s Official Birthday back in June?

Oh well, anyway, Happy Treason Day to the Rebellious Colonials…:rofl:


If I may quote that meme floating around Facebook,

“It’s only treason if you lose


I think Lil’ Freedom is more “Angry Bird themed”, but personally i prefer Chuck or Terence.

I’m sure if there is a Guardian kingdom, they will not require this specific pet in order for progression. There will need to be another one. Not too hard to imagine, we already have multiple pets for some kingdoms.

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Well…I totally didn’t expect people to get this passionately upset over a cosmetic pet. o.O

Sooooo suggestion to the devs going forward: make cosmetic pets either just have a max level of 1, or just drop as Mythic to begin with. Make this whole thing a non-issue because, really, it’s a trivial fix to a trivial issue that’s apparently generating some amount of community frustration, and that’s a silly problem to have.


Just had to do it.




I think, at least, going by my own feelings, the issue is the exclusivity of it. I dislike time-based exclusivity in general, so it’s not hard see why people would get upset with a cosmetic pet only available one day a year, but ‘oh hey, you can spend thousands of gems to upgrade it for ‘no reason’, wink wink.’

I trust Salty when she said we don’t need to worry about ascending it, but before then, the whole scenario did raise a question or two.

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At first I was disappointed, but thinking about how you spent a large amount of resources to flaunt something extremely trivial, I came to a revelation. You had the freedom to use gems, and you did, through the gift of capitalism, you had resources whether time or money to use to your advantage, and by god, doing something considered utterly ridiculous by some because you could and knowing that it would annoy others would probably be a bonus. In a way, its so American that I am impressed, even though it hurts to see an approximate mythic load of gems used, I can’t help but applaud it. This definitely was a superb use of a little freedom, in a big way.


I love how the help text still suggests you can increase the No Bonus at levels 5, 10, 15 and 20…

I suppose a 100% increase in No Bonus is still No Bonus…


So is supposedly exclusive from this event yet I received one in the mail?? *shrugs

Probably to comtemplate every player, even if they can’t finish the rescue battles.

Likely the most American statement I have seen on this forum ever.



Still better than the ‘oh hey, we sold weapons in the past for in-game currency but you can only buy them with real money now as and when we feel like releasing them’. And no-one complains about that.

If you join the game now you have no way of getting Divine Protector - which is one team member of the best team in the game - unless a) you have cash and b) the Devs decide to make it available to buy for cash for a week.

And all these people are complaining about the border colour of a cosmetic pet :man_facepalming:



Please ensure you think about this feedback for ALL the future Holiday cosmetic pets that are planned. Perhaps increase the window of availability.

So on the exact day we have the Pet Event. But the week the event occurs the Pet can drop via a Pet Gnome.

Take your Thanksgiving Bird. All week players have the chance to get it via rescue in the larger pool, but on Thanksgiving Day its a 24h Bird Event.

Edit: I’m making assumptions without bothering to check the spoiler data.

@Saltypatra Please don’t think that, based on this thread, most players give a monkey’s about upgrading cosmetic pets. One copy is enough for most of us and we wouldn’t dream of trying to upgrade it, and having it drop from a gnome would harm us because it will take longer to get the actual bonuses that we want.


Fair enough. But If you don’t have all the regular pets up to Mythic by Thanksgiving you are doing something wrong.


I really can’t believe that some people are whinging over a border color that literally means nothing since the pet does nothing.

Anywho, I’m glad to see a purely optional, cosmetic item in the game. I’m especially glad that it doesn’t do anything since it will only be offered once a year.


I personally dont care about pets… (i know they give bonuses, whatever)
rescue events are boring and i cant be bothered…

Im still upset we didin’t had a special pet for Canada day, i was ready for a beaver on my shoulder