NEW ORDER OF BASTET, revamped Guild, has openings for anyone looking for a 40K/All-Tasks Semi-Casual Guild. All Kingdoms level 10+, please

NEW ORDER OF BASTET (NOoB) has 13 openings for strong, dedicated hunters seeking a home!
We are looking for anyone who is interested in a Guild that offers opportunities for LTs within a semi-casual atmosphere. We are an active/social Guild and not new to the community.

What we offer: Potential to return to being an Legendary Tasks “Juggernaut Pride”, 40K Seals/Week, and a warm/welcoming and small group of like-minded individuals.

– Be active
– Be 18 Years of Age or more and able to speak/understand English
– Have ALL Kingdoms at level 10 or higher (Not Power Levels, Kingdom Levels)
– Level 400 or higher, but priority is on Kingdoms requirement.
– Weekly Event Particpation & Discord = MANDATORY

– 750 Seals/Week or More

If interested, please send me mail here with a bit about yourself, what you feel you can comfortably contribute and why you would like to join us.

Thank you.


Still on the hunt for 13 seasoned hunters who are looking for a new home or a change of scenery. We’re a laid-back “Low Pressure/No Pressure” Guild that has an awesome core group. We’d love to bring in more who are interested in returning us to an LT/40K Seals “Hunting Pride”, so leave a message here, PM me, or hunt me down in Global chat.

My handle is Chy’tara, Invite Code “LYSANA”.

New Order of Bastet now on the hunt for 12 strong stray cats, guys n dolls!!

Anyone interested in what we ask for and what we have to offer, then give a holla-holla here or PM me.


Still on the hunt for more Stray Cats.

Please Note:
Until we get approximately 1/2 of our needed number, I am willing to take people in based on the following temporary criteria:

Minimums: 750+ Seals/Week.
Reqs: Age 18+, ALL Magic Kingdoms lvl 10+ & Approximately Level 300. Discord and Weekly Event participation Mandatory.