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NEW ORDER OF BASTET (NOoB) ~ Looking for some "stray cats" to give a warm, welcoming 'home' to

Are you looking for an active/social/semi-casual Guild that can hunt like a boss but relax and chill under the cool shade of a tree? Come join us!

New Order of Bastet offers a “low-pressure/no-pressure” ideology while helping our Pride members grow and kick some serious bahuki. If you want what we’ve got and what we offer, let out a ROAR to join us!

These are our requirements and minimums to meet/exceed:

Age - 18+
Discord & World Event Mandatory

750+ Seals/Week
200K+ Gold/Week

This is our Discord server’s “Pub” if you’re interested in checking us out:


Beautiful people! NOoB, the Pride of our Goddess Bastet, is still on the hunt for new, fresh faces to join us on the hunt for glory, experience and fun!

We’re looking for 5 “stray cats” who are beginning to come into their own and are growing stronger each day; preferably lvl 100+.

Minimums and requirements are as stated above, agreed upon arrangements can be negotiated if you are still levelling your Kingdoms to 10.

Come join us! Be a NOoB Cat! :smiley:

Bumpity-bump-bump! :smiley:

We’re still looking for more fresh faces for our Pride.

Come join our semi-casual, laid back “adult family” of cat-loving crazies!

Grrrreeetings again, Beautiful people!

We’re still interested in giving a warm, welcoming, and twisted home to a number of “stray cats”.

Personalized milk & food dishes, personalized/gold embossed litter boxes, and TONS of catnip!!

Come join our Pride. :smiley:

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We’re on the look out for 5 “stray cats” at the moment, gang.

Lvl 100+ preferred.

Come join our very social, very twisted Pride of crazy “cats” and enjoy the fun!

Grrrreeetings, one and all!

Still some openings within our twisted-wicked Pride. Come join the fun of the “hunt” with us. :smiley:

On the hunt for 6!!

We’re still on the lookout to welcome a number of eager individuals who are interested in being part of a laid-back, chill, “no pressure/low pressure” Pride.

Core requirements, as above, are:
:cat: Age 18+
:cat: Speak/Understand English
:cat: Either have or are willing to get into Discord to join us there
:cat: Able to meet/exceed 750 Seals/Week
:cat: Mandatory participation in World Event ~ Meet/exceed 200 Points/Week

Additional minimums and preferences:
:cat2: 200K Gold/Week if Kingdoms lvl 10+. Gold/Week Negotiable if still levelling Kingdoms.
:cat2: Level 100 Preferred

Come join us in the glory of the “hunt”, one and all! Let out a “roar” here, DM me, or come join our Pub if you’re interested.


Heya, Beautiful People!!!

We’re still on the hunt for more eager individuals who wanna’ be part of our growing and changing Pride!!!

We’re in the middle of implementing significant changes for the betterment of the Pride! Come join us! :smiley: