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New Legendary Knight Troop Idea

Hi Guys,

I recently had an idea for a new legend-rarity knight troop, posted the idea in global chat and people found it to be quite interesting so i thought i’d just dump it here for discussion and brainstorming.

So, as for the Troop:

Name: ???
Rarity: Legendary
Type: Knight, (???)

Stats (proposal for lv19):
Attack: Medium (17)
Armor: High (35-40)
Life: Low (18-23)
Magic: Medium (13)
Mana: Medium-High (16)
Colours: ???

Name: ???
Effect: Deal Medium (Magic + 6) damage to an enemy and restore 75% of total armor lost (cumulative, similar to hydras damage scaling)

Knight Bond (+2 Life for all Knights)
Sturdy (immune to Poison)
“Heavy Plates”/“True Armor”: Take true Damage to Armor instead of Life

There were also some other ideas for the 3rd trait, like just reducing true dmg to 25, 50 or 75%, or a combination of those (deal 50% of true damage to Armor, reduce true damage by 50% and apply it to Armor, etc.)

It may also be interesting to change the skill to something similar to the Templar (scaling damage with armor, but at a lower rate (e.g. 5:1)) but this troop is in its original design not intended to be a primary damage dealer.
Another possibility would be to make the skill restore all armor (cumulative, like hydras damage) that the knight has lost so far, but distribute it randomly on itself and all allies, wich would make it an interesting combo with e.g. Rowanne or Templar.

Its role could be as a Tank in Attack or Defense teams, (obviously) as a counter to true damage teams, or just as a strong Damage support in a knights team.

Comments/questions/likes/dislikes below please :slight_smile:

True Damage is the counter to high armor troops. The counter to True Damage is high life, life gain, or healing. I don’t think it’s a good idea to disrupt that balance. What would be the appropriate counter to such a troop? You’ve taken too many options off the table, left no weaknesses.

I do think the idea of granting armor to allies based on missing armor could be particularly interesting.

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As the true damage resistance would be trait-based: Stun (Im specificly thinking of Emperor Khorvash here, as he doesn’t only stun, but deal true damage too)

Why not have the knights of the round table set of troops?

single target damage + armor regeneration + true damage resistance means:

  • slow on invading
  • slowing down your invades against it

so i dislike. might turn out having only function in the game to make annoying defense team xD annoying defense units that have no other use should be all banned xP


but i argee on this