New Guild Needed - Closed


I would like to join a casual guild at rank <199, that has all members active and completes weekly tasks. I just like playing match 3 games and card collecting, but not really into serious strategy or conversation. I really just like messing around and figuring things out myself. I am quite addicted at the moment to GOW, so at most I might miss a week every few months or when i am sick.

I am currently level 690 and working on getting my kingdoms to 6+ stars and getting more mythics. I am only missing like 5 legends and the Imps.

I can offer: 300K-500K , 1000+ seals (I’ve maxed my seals the last few months), 100-200 trophies, I will likely do all the guild wars and average 30k-40k points (Bracket 24~27).

What I can’t offer: Conversation or to take gems or war very seriously.

PS: I will leave my guild, if i get the right offer. PM me if you think what I can offer will be welcome at your guild. I’ve never switched guilds so I’m not entirely sure how this works, so it might take me some time to figure this out. Please also tell me what level tasks and how many tasks you complete and how many active player your guide has.

Thank you for you consideration


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DruidsVale is looking. It’s a great guild alliance that has 3 different guilds to fit various play styles.

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Hi Ashasekayi,

Thank for replying. Do they care if I don’t use discord or chat? Also do they care if I do guild wars, but don’t really take it seriously?

Hmm… I’m not sure how to process “take it seriously”. You just have to complete the battles every week. He doesn’t force you to use certain colors or get a certain amount of wins. Basically, Vale and Haven are more casual. Everybody just does their best with what they have.

As for Discord, I’ve never seen him force anyone to use it.

Feel free to contact the GM, @NowayJoe2Go for specifics.

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Hi Ashasekayi,

Thank you for the follow up, it was very helpful. I’ve contacted the GM.

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