New Dungeon changes are terrible

Please revert the dungeon back to what is was before the changes. Please tell me how picking the same 3 rooms every day has resulted in 1 perfect run. That is impossible unless there is shenanigans behind the coding. All this mode has done is make people mad at the game. Then on top of it, you have the dragon be RNG. How did this get past design stage? Do you not care about the players? Also, 300 gems for 60 dragonite: That is way too much. Looks like a way to get people to buy gems.

If you prefer the old dungeons, just stay on level one. Even with traps the battles will be almost as easy as before. And the dungeon offers are still the same. Just ignore the dragonite.
Those of us who like the new system can keep playing our way.


I think you mean “paying” :wink:

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Come over to New Dungeon Screenshots & Discussion Thread and learn how to get to where I am now 75% perfect runs :slight_smile: Its a great tool

Tool does not work for many. Maybe your dungeon seeding RNG matches the tool. For many others it does not.

Well, scott1969, you are not alone, people complained about this since launch day last month.

My takeaway is that while the material rewards are OBJECTIVELY superior in the new dungeon mode, the heavy luck factor involved in picking doors (and especially the new reward for Perfect Runs) make it feel bad compared to the old Dungeon mode.


Players a penalized for not picking a perfect run and get nothing for it but longer / harder / annoying battles. Perfect run which seems not to be based on pure randomness are the easiest battles. LOL

LOL. The new post shows that I was right. There was never true RNG in the dungeon. Giving 80 dragonite is a joke. How about 500 for an egg. We should have had multiple perfect runs by now.

I will keep picking the same 3 rooms each day to actually see if it is truly random. Can you please post the coding so we can truly believe the layout is fixed before we pick a room? BTW, I am a programmer and called this out after banging my head on the wall each day. Also, waiting until next year for more ways to get dragonite. Really?

Look at this lucky guy, he got a perfect run.

Done dungeon every day since they made the change, still haven’t gotten one (until 2 days ago, always picked the same order).

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Hoping it is truly RNG now and our strategy which should have worked many times, actually works now.

That is contradictory. The tool that was working is now being compromised. It doesnt really matter…predicting dungeon outcomes wont necessarily predict egg results.

Yes, you are right. I was hoping to finish the collection today, but I got the 2nd Garnetaelin.



Good to see someone with multiple different dragons.

May I ask you if you had a specific pattern like different daytime, different days, different stuff you did before like adventure board before one dragon and arena before the next one?
Or was it always the same way like starting GoW > go to dungeon > buy dragonite > hatch egg?

Just curious about

And gz so far to your dragon pool :wink:
Maybe you will be the one with the 1st Diamantina


Reset > go to dungeon > buy dragonite > finish dungeons battles > call my son to chant with me the color of the dragon he wanted to reveal > Never worked for Amethialas. :grin:

It worked for the first 4 though. Then hoping for Amethialas that never come so far.


May I borrow your son for a day or two in a few weeks?
I’m sitting on 4 eggs currently, still breeding on them a bit longer til I got 5 or 6 eggs and hatch all at once :wink:


I wish you goodluck on hatching all of them at once. I’ll craft the weapon next week before hatching the dragons again.


its all so sad and so funny at the same time. But the lasting concept will IMO be that the devs only care about fixing stuff that affects self benefitting revenue. Putinesque

I misread this as you hatching multiple sons to loan out for chanting purposes and I had some very technical questions. All good, though.

Please put me down for one of your egg children for my dark seance please. I got my second duplicate and have 4/6 gem dragons still with 2x yellow, 2x brown.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: I have no dragons nor even any eggs, but I’m still laughing at the image in my mind from this.

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