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Nerf Ubastet - he is overpowered

Please nerf Ubastet, it is insanely powerful and it makes other Mythic troops look like crap.

Everytime i fight an opponent that has Ubastet he wins, he kills 2 troops with 1 shot everytime and i’m lvl 900+. I don’t think this is right.


maybe it was not all Ubastet’s fault. The source of the problem is Ishbaala :roll_eyes:


Or maybe how they tag nearly every mythic with divinity.

I don’t see anything “divine” when i look infernus or ubastet in their eyes / hallow eye sockets.


that seems like a racist comment :smiling_imp:

but you might be right :innocent:
lol jk


With Ishbaala its insane.

But im talking almost every troop combo he is in, he insta kills whatever he hits.

It’s Ubastet. Infernus/Ishbaala teams were strong before, but still beatable. Now you might as well just forfeit, because if Ubastet gets a spell off that’s half your team guaranteed gone (or, if you’re really lucky, surviving with a few health just to get nailed by Infernus the next turn).


Infernus is super-strong and under-costed for its damage output.

Ubastet is just silly. The damage output exceeds ANYTHING else in the game - it might be justifiable at a 30+ cost like Worldbreaker. And it shouldn’t be divine while Ishbaala is around. 80+ damage on two targets for 11 mana, targeting the weakest, killing the second one if the first one had already taken a skull hit. Yes, just silly. The AI can wipe half your team after one cast, and pull off that cast with minimal luck. Pretty much guaranteed if they also have the daft 24-gem-create-for-7-mana hero weapon. Against those defences, you basically roll a D6 - you have this many turns to get control of the board, and either loop or kill Ubastet, before it’s game over. Just silly really. I am now meeting this in half my pvp matches at 3-trophy.


While i’m sure there will be arguments made how it is balanced because it is beatable (with your own Devines fe.), it would be great to not disregard the main issue that this poses by heavily limiting the kind of teams you can play in this environment.
Even well thought out generally strong teams can’t be played if they don’t also get rolling superfast. Basically if your team isn’t killing sht on the other side by turn two your sht starts getting killed immediately.
As @Jainus mentioned, while not necessarily more powerful than Infernus in a general sense, Ubastet in a Divine Team with Ishbala is really quite silly in concept.

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Spirit Fox is waving at you, friend.

Also, BUFF mythic troops to match the “good” ones, not nerf everything into oblivion. Nerfing causes everything to be mediocre, buffing causes most things to be viable and as such creates variety.


Yeah buff all mythics to oneshoot multiple troops, that’ll make for an entertaining game!


My experience has been terrible and this broken comp is even in my 2 trophy defense options all the time. So I have a choice between the same comp for 3 trophy and 2.

Every time this team kills two of my troops by turn 2.

I have to get insanely lucky on the first turn to win. If I can get a 4 match then I entangle the first enemy and ubastet doesn’t always instant kill, but If I don’t… that hero weapon gets his mana on turn one. Turn two He creates gems and fills the whole rest of his team, whilst also securing an extra turn. Ubastet or infernus fires. If it’s ubastet it instantly kills two troops at full health (if I didn’t entangle with a 4 match) and then infernus wrecks the other two. and infernus goes next turn to finish the job. But it’s over at turn two. Almost impossible to finish the game in your favor if all that happens at turn 2 and you haven’t even made a scratch to them and you only have 2 troops left (that will soon be almost dead from infernus)

Or we could just have one that does it and for people that don’t have it they can come on here and cry nerf.

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  1. Mana Surge is never ending feeding everything at double the rate constantly. Cut BOTH the player and AI percentage chance by half.
  2. Split Divine into ‘Divine’ and ‘Deity’. Obviously appropriate natural Mythics get relabeled ‘Deity’.
  3. Fix the 3x & 4x Ubaset overkill casts.
  4. THEN examine Uba and balance it…

I have 2 ubastet and it’s still worth “crying” over because it is ruining the game experience for many.

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Way to miss the point, but ok, i guess you don’t really care about the point anyway.


Mythics are the Strongest troops in the game… That is why they have a high mana cost… In my opinion… none of them should start a match half full.

Sorry, but that i not always the case.


i.e. War
lol @War

Ubaset is workin Puurr-fectly thank u

Edit: when he does get nerfed i want my 10,000 guild seals i spent for second Ubaset back. and they can have my second copy


So is the new UI, gem sinks, ignots, souls, gold, kingdom levels and basically everything else. Anybody who has Spirit Fox can solve Ubastet. It takes 1.2% more thought to make a defense team than it does to use Ubastet. People should try that.