Nemesis * PS4 guild * 30/30 rank 3rd * All tasks and events completed weekly. 1.3 million gold, 600 trophies, 1500 seals a week. Tier 2 sigils in events. 100 DOOMS 40k in GWs

any chance for invite
play daily and complete guild wars , always get 1500 seals and contribute to statutes
current level 686
current guild leader guilty few rank 367 i think but closing as members dont stick around

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We are full right now, but a few others are recruiting, I even know a few who are looking to merge so if you have some friends you’d like to take with you, pm me and we can talk more.


1 spot open after weekly reset, higher level players please.

We took a big loss losing @JohnnyXman this week to real life circumstances, but we welcome aboard another veteran @BRchell to our guild!!! It’s so nice not recruiting and awesome players come to you! Welcome aboard!!


Happy to be here. It’s almost time to knock the dust off the GW teams and get after it.


@JohnnyXman is a great loss to the guild, a great gems player, nevertheless @BRchell is a great replacement :+1:


3 players were kicked from Speed demons on a merger, looking to join us but no spots available, so I’d like to send them to a casual guild until I get spots here. Pm me If interested. Thanks.

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Updated the top, still full, but the waiting list helps, so when life happens, a player is on standby to step in and keep us going.

Thanks to everyone in Nemesis who helps us each week to all get what we want out of the game!!

I have her best guild I could ever ask for. So sign up now!

The 3 players from speed demons have joined us, welcome aboard to our newcomers!!


We lost our first this week due to the new game modes being pay to win, sad to see you go @Buggyleclown , I was nice having you be a part of this guild.

Best of luck to you and take care!

This will be our 5th Speed demon to join us so far in 2 weeks, I can’t wait until the next guild wars!


Got any open spots? Was waiting to see if the Speed Demon collapse would be as real. Would like to get in bracket 1 again.

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We are full now but I can add u to the waiting list, add me on ps4 if u like.

This post is for the player’s of Nemesis. We have been discussing new requirements for a good while now and still haven’t decided our best approach to the new game modes.

We have been successful every week and i thank each and every one of you for doing your parts.

So let’s get down to business and get these requirements picked out once and for all. We’ll decide Sunday.

A big thank you to everyone in Nemesis and keep up the great work!

  • Raids to tiers 3
  • Invasions to tiers 3
  • Both game modes to tiers 3
  • Neither game modes are fun! No rules for them.
  • Other

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A week off from things would be a welcome change. Thanks Santandrix for making this a democratic process :slight_smile:


Thank you to everyone who came in and voted,

I think I see where this vote is going!!

1 spot open Monday after this weeks reset.

Come and join our amazing guild next week!! :dragon:

1 spot will be open Monday after reset.:boom::boom::boom:
Come and sign up now and get in on some fun!!!

I think i have one more high level run left in me. Guild requirements seem fair.

Level 1170.

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Look me up on the ps4 and we can get it set up over there. Thanks.

1 spot is still up for grabs tomorrow, come and sign up now!!!

Full now but possibly a opening next week.


Still doing our best. Way to go everyone here in Nemesis.

A possible opening Monday.

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Currently in Speed Demons, looking to relocate as we’ve now dropped to tier 3. I can meet all reqs and score right around 50k in tier 1 gw. did over 55 this week in tier 2

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