Mythic Duplication Protection

Since there are so many mythics now, would it be possible to put in a dupe protection. I am missing 30 mythics and 5 of my last 6 RNG mythics have been dupes.

Another option is to have a way to trade duplicates for one that is not owned. Or an option to dismantle a mythic so you can get the resources to craft one.



You might want to review this topic and put your support there:

There are few ideas players posted. Check it, maybe you’ll like other people ideas or come up with your own one. :wink:


That is more what to do with extras. I am saying, add code to prevent the duplicate drops until all mythics have been obtained once. Many games have that protection. Simple to program.


And it would rapidly increase the rate at which people complete their collections, so these devs don’t want to do that.

Want a unique mythic? Pony up the $50 :joy:


@Magnusimus True. LOL I am missing 30 mythincs, yet I have 3 Gargantaurs. Watch out in Guild Wars!! Not.

Wont happen. Same as “spawning only pet rescuses for pets you dont have at mythic already”.

Well the devs are considering letting a player choose from 3 different pets when triggering a pet rescue, so maybe they could apply something similar to mythics? Otherwise new players are just never going to complete their collections.


That’s true even if they implement such feature. Campaigns are guaranteed to add extra mythic before previous one will be craftable/avaible in chests… so unless buying in 2 campaigns strait you’ll never be able to have all troops in your collection.

Well obviously for a complete collection you need to subscribe to the pass. That’s true for new and endgame players.

Yep, and apart from getting those campaign troops (mythics and others), you’re pretty much able to collect everything else… It just takes TIME.
Excluding campaign troops i’m missing 8 troops (7 mythics and 1 legendary) to complete collection.
Side note: already got Enraged Kurandara though… and Pharaoh Nefretani…

I’m getting every new mythic/legendary released outside of campaign pass only with my key reserve.
Getting these missing few wouldn’t take long especialy with more than 28k keys stacked (glory and gem keys only) and a bunch of guild seals…

It took arround 2 years to get to this point. It could take less if i’ve played more/been in active guild since day1 etc.
But that’s the benchmark :stuck_out_tongue: Completely new player should be able to get similiar numbers in 2,5-3years. A bit shorter with some $ investments into offers…

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When Salty said this, she warned it was very not confirmed. In a later stream she said it’s not a plan right now. The devs have talked about it but that’s it. Pets aren’t high priority at the moment.

Off topic from the OP, but just letting you know.

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It,s simple…the devs STOPPED caring about the players…They will not expand the soulforge so players have a good selection of legendaries and mythical. They throw trash…and I do mean TRASH mechanics like lycanthropy gems…as I see has VERY few fans…throw in and then remove uber doomskulls.and they already have " mythic protection" and have had it for years. But you have to give them 50 bucks each time…for growth packages…that’s the thing…if you don’t line their pockets…they don’t care about you or your opinion. This could all be addressed in quality of life patches. BUT…they won’t give players anything useful for free.

Hello, which game have this protection ?
I don’t know any who has it and I am interested by it.

Destiny and Destiny 2 put it in after many complaints.

I just would love if you could sacrifice a mythic for like 1500 Diamonds.