Match Masters (Est.2014) Rank #9 All GT Mon. MAX lev statues.Mins ONLY 150t/600k - max rewards events. Don’t be shy - give us a try 😀 FULL


We have one (unexpected) space available :grinning:

MM is filled with very sociable keen players who love this game. Although our minimums are much lower than the other top 5 guilds we all generally do much more. We have a closed FB group and Discord.

We are very relaxed about how you play your Wars games. Mono or coloured - whatever you feel most comfortable with :grin: Play on the day is preferred but wars can be completed at any time. Since GW started we have bounced around the top 3 brackets and we are currently in B2.
Please see top post for requirements and private message me if you would like to join us :grinning:

Esslee (GL)


Hey I’m looking to switch guilds as mine has kind of fizzled when it comes to participation. My kingdoms are all levelled, I usually get around 250 trophies and give all my gold to the guild (usually 500-700k). Sometimes I don’t get all 1500 seals but I’m always at least at 1200. I’m level 1033


Hi - sending you a pm


Also I do guild wars every day with proper colours and all different Defense


I tried to invite attackcat but you need to leave your guild. Get in here qu8ck to get the guild task rewards !!


Ok I’ll leave right now. I wanted a new home first. One sec


Sorry this is ridiculous. Never left a guild before. Can’t find the button. Bear with me


Ok ready! Invite code ATTACKCAT


Space taken :+1:


Gistaria de entrar pra essa guilda meu codigo é XXX DAMORTE XXX_U4HE


Adriano - Enviei-lhe uma mensagem pessoal


Just the one spot to available now :grinning:

We are full again :+1::+1:


We are full again :+1:



give me a chance


Seat taken :+1:


Space filled :grinning:


An opportunity like this doesn’t happen often, I can tell you that. Give us a try and you’ll see why. :grin:


One space available


send you a message


Spot filled :grinning::+1: