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Madd House Gang (rank 3 on Xbox) is recruiting! Level 1000+ preferred. Minimum Requirements: 1,500,000 gold 1500 seals 1000 trophies. 1500+ trophies preferred (FULL)

A trophy oriented guild. We reach 40,000 seals and complete all basic/epic tasks plus 30+ LTs every week. Guild Wars optional, must use at least your free sigils in all other guild events. We unlock all reward stages in every guild event. Level 1000+ is preferred, but we are willing to accept a lower level if you can do our requirements. If you are interested in joining this very competitive, friendly and helpful guild, please message me at: Madd Hurricane, or the Guild Master at: Queen of 0z (that’s 0z with a zero). Serious inquiries only!



Are you still looking for new members?


Please message Madd Hurricane if you are seriously interested. Thank you

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Unfortunately we are full at the moment, but I can put you on our waiting list if you’d like. Please message me on Xbox at: Madd Hurricane.