Lyya's artwork (Tumblr link)


Thinking of using this bg. Any thoughts? Too distracting?


They both have turned out really well! The background is very suitable for the catgirl!!


I’ve posted to tumblr and to reddit in case anyone wants to like or reblog!


Something I’m playing with atm. Extreme perspective is a challenge for me, as my head wants to draw everything in orthogonal proportions.


Progress…who knew spheres of magic that can literally be any color and look like anything would give me so much of a headache?


Published to tumblr. Likes and reblogs appreciated!


Yuffie! It’s been so long!


My current work in progress. My catgirl with her boyfriend.



Tumblr and reddit for those who are interested.


You’re becoming so good at digital art and coloring! I’m jealous!


It’s been a while since I posted here.


Nice action pose, was it some sort of teleport or simply fast movement enhanced by magic and such?


Just fast movement really. She is under the effect of “huton,” an attack-speed enhancing spell, but it doesn’t actually have a persistent visual effect so consider this artistic license :S


Ah Huton… I always forgot to keep that up… and if I did, it would always mess up my other rotations in doing so :joy:

Very nice work with it though! Loving the pirate/rogue outfit work as well!


I’ve been playing FFXIV again for the last month or so, so I’ve been enjoying all the FFXIV art! Looks great :smiley:


My current WIP:


Fantastic as always!

Love the corruption one.


You’re progressing so quickly @Lyya!


Latest iteration…still not quite happy with it