Lyya's artwork (Tumblr link)


Inktober continues.


A work in progress.


You rock @Lyya


I’ve finally gotten back into the swing of making art! It’s a very challenging skill to learn, but I’m enjoying it.


Today’s progress. Redrew the boot, added a few more daggers, slimmed her down. This is the most complicated line art I’ve ever attempted.


You’re doing a great job! Can’t wait to see the colours when it is finished.


I illustrated a figure from some of the weird dreams I’ve been having. It’s a little gruesome, so I put it under the tab below.

Said Artwork


Still plugging away…


I found room for more Knives!
You can change that loin cloth thing into scabbards with more knives!


This is my current project.


Crude shading.



Reddit and tumblr


New WIP.


Some progress, been a little slow going because of a head cold >.<


Oooooh I’ve only just started playing Life is Strange, what do you think of it @Lyya?


It’s absolutely fantastic :slight_smile: I played it without spoiling myself and I’m really glad I did.


Now with background, deemphasized line work.


Posted to tumblr and reddit in case anyone wants to upboat.


New project, a pin-up commission for a friend (FFXIV)


Some progress.