Looking for active top endish guild for Guild Warring. Level 212, 7400 deck

Looking for active guild top endish guild. Level 212, 7400 deck, all kingdoms level 10.

I will do the Daily Guild War and contribute gold. I was in a top guild before (TAAcheivementsElite) , but do not want to grind seals or level 1 pvp every week.

My Invite Code is: BEGFOURMERCY_R4ZT.

Do you have a spot for me?


Hi scott - Trump Wall might be a good fit. Our requirements are 300k/1,200s/daily guild wars. We’re level 270ish, and in bracket 9 (heading to 8) for guild wars. No trophy or discord requirements. Lemme know if you’d like an invite.


Our guild is ranked 140. I recently got rid of our inactive players, so we have room for you if you’re interested. If you want an invite, let me know!