List of Quality of Life Improvements

Hi All,

I’ve seen several disparate threads pop up recently about Quality of Life improvements that folks would like to see, and it’s a recurring theme. That gave me the thought: Why not consolidate these and track them so the devs have a handy list! Please feel to throw out more and I’ll add them to the list. And please also bear in mind that the focus shouldn’t be buffs/nerfs/bugs/redesigns; the focus is on quality of life enhancements.

List of QoL issues by category:


  1. For the love of god, please improve the load times. I can’t imagine how much more I would play this game if I didn’t have to deal with the spinning wheel all the time.
  2. Don’t kick the player back to the world map after they complete every Quest/Challenge/Explore battle
  3. Time stamps on chat
  4. Enable player-to-player mail and/or private chat (or give Guild leaders the ability to do so at the very least)
  5. Make it clearer which traitstones drop in each Kingdom. For example, when you click the icon of an Arcane, regardless of where (crafting UI, collection, etc) it should jump the player to the map with the relevant kingdom selected.
  6. Indicate the bonus attribute for each city on the world map screen
  7. Ignore button for specific players in chat (for spammers, disagreeable folk, etc.)
  8. List all Kingdoms that give tribute when tribute is received
  9. Include a time-to-next-tribute indicator on the home kingdom
  10. Show the Souls currency on the HUD along with the other currencies
  11. On the hero collection screen, include an overall count of traitstones & souls needed to completely finish every existing troop. Could only be visible after level 100 or so if worried about scaring off new players.
  12. Only show Legendary/Mythic drops that are new for that player in chat.
  13. Ability to toggle profanity filter in chat.
  14. Higher character limit in chat with word wrap.
  15. Ability to search for a user and see their profile.
  16. Ranked PvP buries your ranking, the progress made with each win, and the rewards. I should know my ranking when I hit the PvP screen, and ideally I should see how much I gained/lost with each win. And where to find the rewards is totally unintuitive.
  17. Make the forums accessible from within the app.
  18. Ability to export your “holdings” for use in things like the To-Do monitor.
  19. Add a “no flashy things” effect for the impaired/seizure prone. (Namely for the flashy exclamation points.) Also, when the game is over and the board screen changes to the notification screen there is a very bright flash of light. After playing many games this becomes VERY difficult on the eyes. Also with all of the flashes for the Traits animations.
  20. Consider alphabetizing the Arcane Traitstones in the Hero Collection (as opposed to ordering by color).
  21. Include something on the world map that shows when you’ve completed all of the challenges for a specific kingdom for ease of tracking completion.
  22. Enable PC users to window the game and it continue playing
  23. Create two separate messages for failed redeem codes: one for an invalid code, and a separate one for codes that WERE valid but were used up.
  24. When you select a Kingdom on the world map, one of the options should be ‘Troops’ (along with quest, challenge, explore etc) --> this should take you into the Troops set of screens with a filter on for the Kingdom you came from. And on that filtered screen for the Kingdoms troops should be the power level progress bar for that kingdom.
  25. For each language that the game is translated to, set a different default chat channel. Anyone could switch to whatever channel they liked, but it would make it easier for folks to find each other. Ideally make it known that a given channel is for a specific language as well.
  26. Improve sensitivity of mouse wheel scrolling in the troop section for PC players. Currently very difficult to use.
  27. When viewing Hero, default to the Collection tab. It’s the most viewed, and no one pays attention to the mana bonuses.
  28. Using LB and RB buttons on Xbox to select skills are very loud. Can there be an alternate setup that uses LT/RT triggers instead? Our ears get hammered with the current setup.
  29. Can we get controller support for the PC version?
  30. Please make spelling/phrasing of spells and their effects consistent. (Every gem transforming spell written with same phrase for example “transform red” instead of using variety of words like transform /convert /turn - so we could use search window to actually seatch all spells of same effect, same with the stat buffing spells, giving life, etc.)
  31. Instead of having to click away the Traitstone you receive at the end of every battle just present it ON the rewards screen.
  32. The game should remembers the last-used team independently for PvP and Explore Mode.
  33. Show the invite code when you click on the recruit button for someone. (Because you can’t invite people who are in guilds, there is often an issue with timing trying to get people naked and send them an invite. Plus newer players are often confused on how to see their invite code.)
  34. Kingdom-specific defense bonuses so home kingdom is meaningful in PVP beyond traitstone reward.
  35. Startling sounds: When frozen troop can’t give an extra turn; Some Mana Surge SFX are louder than others. Makes me jump sometimes. Especially bad on console.
  36. On the map screen when you click on a Kingdom it brings up a semi-circle of buttons. Make the Quest and Challenges buttons have some kind of visual indicator showing when they are completed.
  37. Enable button remapping for controllers.
  38. Upon leveling up, consider ordering the Masteries from lowest bonus to highest so it’s easier to level them up. Also consider presenting the color that is lower in Masteries on the right so players easily know which to select. Or, even better, just auto-level throughout (as early players may handicap themselves later game by taking a very bad path early).


  1. Ascending/Disenchanting should allow users to hit the left arrow and take the count from 1 to Max
  2. Display the base rarity of troops on their card (C, R, U, E, L, M)
  3. Enable filtering of troops by two mana colors
  4. Enable filtering of troops by base rarity (vs current rarity)
  5. Sort in reverse for troops. Like the z to a but for lowest to highest lvl, rarity, etc.
  6. Make it easier to reorder teams in the teams list
  7. More team slots please
  8. Enable players to see the traitstones needed for each trait on a troop (and not just the next trait they need to unlock)
  9. Enable level select when leveling up troops. People want to be able to see the costs at each level and what they get for those levels.
  10. Tapping on an Arcane Traitstone in the troop upgrade menu should tell me where I can get the traitstone.
  11. When upgrading a troop, it should show you what the troop looks like at max level. Even better, it should tell me how many souls I need to get it the rest of the way. Even better, it should allow me to pay gems to immediately upgrade it the rest of the way. Even better, if I don’t have those gems then it should enable me to purchase them immediately.
  12. It’s a pain jumping between the map and the filtered troop list when trying to level a kingdom’s power to a new star level. Can you show a kingdoms power level when you filter the Troop list by kingdom? Or add a “Troops” button to each kingdom while in map view? Or both?
  13. Make clicking on a stone in the Hero->Collections menu show the kingdoms that drop that stone
  14. Allow sorting of troops by “number of stones that would be left after upgrading a trait” or by min/max amount of a traitstone that you own. Essentially, ability to filter troops by Traitstone requirements/owned.
  15. Have the name of the kingdom the flag represents at the flag selection screen. Alternatively, show the flag the kingdom uses on the kingdom screen. Or both. (This makes tasks requiring you to use the flag from a specific kingdom far easier to identify and you don’t need to look up which flag corresponds to which city on the internet.)
  16. Disallow disenchanting all copies of a troop (i.e., can only disenchant down to 1 copy).
  17. When showing the list of troops in a team, put a colored border around each troop corresponding to the rarity of the troop so players can easily see the rarity of troops (per Shimrra’s design).
  18. When players click on a troop, default to the “center” panel that shows the troop’s base stats (not its spell).
  19. Enable players to click on the kingdom icon on a troop to show a filtered list of all troops in that kingdom.
  20. Consider displaying the kingdom banner instead of the crest on the drop down since the banner looks better and is easier to interpret. (Right now many get confused by which kingdom is displayed, especially on mobile.)
  21. Include in the spell description info regarding how the spell scales with magic.
  22. For Banner selection, use a drop-down list, or a wheel we can spin through, rather than the left/right arrows since there are so many now.
  23. “Give mana burn some goddamn damage numbers.”
  24. Get the ! on the troops tab when I have something eligible for ascension.
  25. Timer for troop refunds.
  26. Include a “Mass Ascend” button that ascends all available troops.
  27. Ability to see other player’s troops list and/or teams.
  28. Include the ability to set default team selection for PVP, Explore and to a lesser extend Challenge and casual PVP. Or even better, tabs for each category on the troops page.
  29. On the hero overview screen, when you tab over to hero classes, it would be great if it would show the traits you’ve unlocked on the left side of each class like it does for troops. This would allow you to see which ones you’ve unlocked without having to actually go into the class.
  30. In the Class UI, show the + icon for classes that have currently upgradeable traits - Ending the “can I upgrade anything yet?” click-fest
  31. When the player clicks “Clear Team” in addition to the roster clearing, the team name should automatically reset and the banner should revert to default (Broken Banner)
  32. Add a filter to troop search for troops that gain buffs for the new weekly event system.
  33. Include a button to skip to Top/Bottom of troop list
  34. Please include a “clear all” button for the full team list so players can reset all troop teams at once.
  35. On console, when you chat and use a word in the censor list you see the entire sentence censored so you have no idea what’s said nor what the problem was if it was unintentional. This is extra painful on console since it’s harder to write things. It would be great to see a smarter censor system.
  36. Create a lock on at least one of each mythic you have as not to delete a very hard earned card. Or just disallow disenchanting the last copy of a card.
  37. In the troop screen, if you click on of the troops on the “your teams” side it should auto go to that troop on the right side where all your troops are.
  38. Make VIP level retroactively level all troops.
  39. One-click mass disenchant down to a minimum (ideally that the player can set)


  1. Either default to, or allow an option for, having all traits apply at once at the start of a battle
  2. Ludicrous Speed or No Animation setting for battles
  3. Ability to check Spells/Traits during the AI’s turn
  4. Ability to disable confirmation of spell usage (for faster casting of spells)
  5. Enable the ability to cancel a spell cast that requires a target, at the dimmed-out “Select a Target” phase
  6. Show the flags while in combat
  7. Allow filtering troops by stone required
  8. Enable players to quit out/retreat on the opponent’s turn. (No stuck in their endless loop please!)
  9. Add hotkeys for troops 1-4 for PC.
  10. Would be very cool if spells with conditions would shine for example with golden glow around available spell if the condition is met. Just want to make it easier to tell if the condition is met when/before casting it.
  11. Replay feature so we can watch defensive fights, please!
  12. When you cast a targetable spell but there is only 1 AI troop left it should auto target.
  13. Timer display somewhere in the match, as well as a match time on the final screen.
  14. Randomize traitstone rewards in PVP, rather than basing on defender’s home kingdom (like it is on PC).
  15. In combat, bind cast button to space bar on PC.
  16. Remove (or reduce) the hint delay during combat.
  17. Players tend to see the same opponents over and over again. Is there a way to increase opponent variety?
  18. Include a “Quick Select” option to enable players to flag their favorite teams so they can then easily grab one of their favorite teams before going into battle.
  19. Spells with mechanic “if x or more gems on board does y” should have an indication that the conditions on the board are met (e.g., a glowing border like in Hearthstone).
  20. I’d love it if spells with variable (but fixed if cast now) effects were precalculated for you. So if you clicked on a spell that scales up per 3 red it would show +2 if there were 7 red gems at that time.
  21. Opponents that can’t be targeted (stealthy, impervious, etc.) should dim when the spell is open, before it is cast, as should all but the first/last troop when those spells are open.
  22. When you cast a spell and select an enemy to target on PC, the game commits to the spell cast even if you roll your mouse cursor off and then let go of the mouse button. This should be changed so that the game only commits to the target if the mouse cursor is still over the target when the mouse button is released. (I.e., have clicks take effect only on mouse button up.)
  23. When Alchemist, Valk, etc. reach their per-battle gold/soul generation cap, have the little soul/gold thing stop flying off of their heads so users know that they’ve hit their max for the battle.


  1. Give better Guilds to join when players are looking to join a new Guild. Perhaps pull the starting from the highest ranked guild that has an open slot and is open to all?
  2. Allow players to search for a specific guild and join or request entry (depending on the reqs and whether it’s full or not). Most important so I can join my friend’s guild without having to get an invite from them.
  3. Auto-collect Guild Seals (as opposed to having to manually collect them)
  4. Re-instate the guild activity log (ideally with some Filter options similar to the Roster)
  5. Include a flashing indicator when you have uncollected Guild Seals. Ideally on the guild button in the main map and/or on the seals tab in the guild menu.
  6. Enable users to look at the stats of a prospective guild or guild member
  7. Inactive guilds should be purged regularly. For example, every 2 weeks, any guild that’s had all members inactive for 30+ days is closed.
  8. Show total number of trophies a player has earned total (not just weekly).
  9. Enable players to change the guild master post color.
  10. Allow folks to open Guild Chests 25 at a time, or as much as they can afford (given the weekly cap). For Gold/Glory/etc keys, the bottom button opens All once below 50. But not for Guild Chests - fix that please.
  11. Add to the guild roster the ability to sort by “last week’s contribution”.
  12. Include an option to see who contributed how much to each guild task
  13. Enable guild masters to indicate guild requirements, which would also have an effect on the roster tab by highlighting where people are over/under the reqs each week.
  14. More space in the guild announcement section. Currently very constrained.
  15. On the main Guild screen, add a visual indicator to show which statue bonuses are active. Some kind of aura around the active statues might be neat. As it stands you have to click into each to see if bonus is active.
  16. Enable guild leaders more flexibility in assigning ranks to membes (i.e., don’t hard cap the higher rankings so severely).


  1. Introduce a low cost weekly weapon IAP so players can get access to weapons that were only available in Glory bundles long ago
  2. In the Chests interface, show the number of keys you have for each chest at the top of each chest icon
  3. Include the ability to spend more bulk keys at once than 50. Many have in the hundreds/thousands so it would be great to be able to spend this more quickly.
  4. When you drop troops in chests or look at them to purchase, enable players to see how many they currently own or how many they need to ascend to the next level, or if they are maxed. Basically give context around where your progress for a troop is whenever you drop it or are looking to purchase some.
  5. The ability to “mark” one or more troops (or resources) and have them be listed to the top of the chest summary list if/when they drop. For example, I could “mark” minor fires and have them be the first thing in the chest results summary if I happen to get any, or whatever common troop I am currently attempting to ascend, etc, so I don’t have to scroll all the way down the list to see if I got what I wanted and if I need to still open more chests.
  6. Don’t auto-select the best chest when entering the Shop. It seems to default to Event Chests which leads to people accidentally spending very precious keys. Can it default to Gold Chests?
  7. When there are more weekly reward packs than fit on the screen, center the view to show parts of the boxes on both edges. I talked to several people who didn’t realize the merchant blade was for sale because it was offscreen.
  8. It would be nice to get a pop up msg when you log in saying which new troops are now available in each chest.


  1. Include a turn counter in Treasure Hunt
  2. Include Chat in Treasure Hunt. It seems like it was the only place it was left out with 2.1.
  3. Update the weapon select UI for Arena (it’s still on the old left to right scrolling, which is painful with all of the weapons nowadays)
  4. Make it so that when you retreat from a map, you start the reward giving process that happens when you run out of moves (like a “retire” option). Right now, retreating burns the map and you get no rewards.
  5. The Arena team selection process needs an overhaul. Players should be able to see their prior selections as they are making choices for the additional troops. I know many of us can remember which guys we’ve selected, but it is a bother, and would be excellent for those few times you forget what the second color is on the rare you pulled.
  6. Treasure Map vaults still don’t have their own sound clip. It would be nice if they had their own unique sound, even if it’s just given the old “hooray!” clip from getting legendaries from keys.
  7. At the end of Treasure Hunt when all the gold, bags, chests, etc are collected, have the currency graphic and the number graphic pinned together and moving the same direction. As it stands the currency graphic moves up and the number moves down. It is so visually confusing.
  8. During Treasure Maps, have a counter that shows current number of coins, bags, chests, etc.
  9. Include a log for Treasure Hunts. How many turns for each hunt, average turn count over time, etc.
  10. The Event Chest should tell you what’s in it. It’s very confusing, especially for new players, and can really lead to a sense of getting “burned”. Many assume it’s simply a better version of the Gem Chest b/c it’s more expensive.

[quote=“Studs, post:1, topic:12126, full:true”]
(C, R, U, E, L)[/quote]


Not a Dev or support member but here goes, from my forum-lurking experience

  1. I believe that they have said that they are working on a mechanic to one-click disenchant lots of troops down to a minimum that you can set at once. Difficulties here may include working on a way for people to set said minimum for troops without the system for doing so being incredibly tedious or bulky. I do, however, think that having an arrow to move to the max number would also be helpful. +1 to this. In the mean time, if you can, set a double-click macro on your mouse and hold it. That helps.

  2. God, PLEASE. Though this may be harder to work into the interface there, and might result in more clutter, and might even require further cuts to the available message length because space.

  3. This would be a significant improvement.

  4. There was a thread about this, and it’s not so easy as just putting the weapon in the shop. They have to consider balancing and pricing points and collect data and get things through their publisher. This has been an ongoing internal discussion for several months as far as I can tell

  5. Did you ever notice that the rarities (before mythic) spelled out CRUEL? I did not until now. Huh. But yes, more sorting options and maybe an updated troop list UI to accommodate things like this, 10, and 11 might be an idea for the future, but that might be hard to fit into the present interface without making it more cluttered and bulky. So, they may encounter a few challenges with that.

  6. It works as is, and while it would be nice, probably low-priority for them compared to other things.

  7. I believe that they have said that this is in the works and will be available when we get a friends list system. I think they said something about it coming some time during or a bit after 2.1, but I could be wrong

  8. Yup.

  9. They show on the Explore screen, even if you don’t have the quest completed.

  10. (See 5)

  11. (See 5)

  12. Kingdom screen:

That has already been implemented, people just don’t seem to know about it. That heart means it gives HP. A shield means armor. Orb means magic. Swords means attack.

Re: 1, 4, & 7, I know they’ve acknowledged these recently (and some of the others they’ve acknowledged less recently), but my intent was to keep a running list until things are addressed (and to add to the list as other issues emerge).

Re: 12, by “Kingdom Screen” I meant “world map”. I’ve made this edit.

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More team slots pls


Made a list myself. Cant remember it now.

One thing was the ability to reorder teams.

Another was being able to check the enemy troops spell/traits (and mine) during the AI’s turn.


I appreciate the existence of a list of these, but I do think that the regular dev-answers to common questions should also be kept with the list. The less time the devs have to spend typing and answering the same questions over and over again, the more time they have to work on things.

I know if I were them, I’d be tired of answering the same questions all the time. So I think this thread is a good idea. I jalso think that combining the answers we normally get for these common questions or requests, explaining what difficulties they may encounter, and restating what they are already working on may help a bit.

And Re:Re: 12, I think at some point something was said about the shape of the icon under an kingdom’s star bar, at the very bottom.I don’t remember what though

@Koolbiird, added more team slots. I remember they said “We never intended to go over 20, but, sure, maybe down the road.”

@Robert, added reordering teams. However, I think checking spells/traits during the AI’s turns would require a really big rework since you can’t currently see traits and make matches at the same time.

@Kurokazna, my intent wasn’t really for the devs to respond to this thread. I’m just trying to track stuff that gets mentioned all over the place so they have a consolidated list to refer back to.

Im not sure how hard it would be but I know we put a man on the moon

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2, 3, 10, 11, 13, 14 would be excellent … I can see the point of the rest but that lot are the ones I’d use.

8 I’m pretty sure they want to implement - and its already there for PVP too.

I think several of these are making it into 2.1. Not sure which several.

Ascend all
Disenchant all except X

@Studs Even if you didn’t, they’re devs and they’re good about this stuff, so they would respond to it, naturally. Plus, this also answers questions for people that have them without them needing to look all over or start a new thread or ask a dev.

It’s a simple go-to solution, and could be a resource for people who are around when people keep asking common questions or suggesting common things that have already been addressed.

Like “Go to X place, more thorough answers there”. Or answering questions from a list. It makes life easier for everyone, all around. Which I guess is a QoL improvement as well.


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@DamageInc Already addressed. [quote=“Kurokazna, post:3, topic:12126”]
I believe that they have said that they are working on a mechanic to one-click disenchant lots of troops down to a minimum that you can set at once. Difficulties here may include working on a way for people to set said minimum for troops without the system for doing so being incredibly tedious or bulky. I do, however, think that having an arrow to move to the max number would also be helpful. +1 to this. In the mean time, if you can, set a double-click macro on your mouse and hold it. That helps.

@Studs See?

Fair point. In that case, it’s better to have one thread that serves as a repository of all the feedback and dev responses than to have it scattered all over the forums, no? It’s a lot more work for me to track and include links and the latest info from all over the forums though, so perhaps on a go-forward basis this will be very handy for tracking :slight_smile:

Added mass ascend/disenchant.

that would be great!
On xbox we press RT to disenchant 1,2,3 etc troop. Now if we could disenchant ALL BUT 4 troops by pressing 1x LT, what an improvement it would be!
Lets say i have 234 alchemist, if I press LT, it directly offer option to disenchant 230 troops. Then if the player want to disenchant 3 more to have only 1 remaining, he can still do it after.

Ignore button for global chat.

Added ignore global :slight_smile:

I should have been clearer - ability to ignore a specific person in chat. No idea what #17 means.

Ahh. I thought you wanted to turn off Global Chat but still have up Guild Chat. (I guess moving to a different channel was designed for that purpose). Revised.

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