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Life and Death....🤦

Don’t pay attention to rojo. The rest of us are just peasants beneath him. His job is to arrive in every L&D thread and explain in 20 words or less he wins 10,000 PvP matches every week with teams made out of nothing but commons. The point’s not to have a discussion. The point’s to insult anyone who doesn’t like the weapon.

In a while he’ll respond with how it’s my job to complain about anything because I want a soft, training-wheels experience.

To that I respond, “I’m better at the game than you” is a poor way to argue against, “You’re trying to make an ‘only REAL gamers’ argument, deflecting discussion away from the matter at hand and towards a pissing contest with you at the top.”

To that he’ll respond, “Yeah but I am a REAL gamer, just say it, please. I need it.”


@ROJO. A million ways to beat L and D? Are you extending that BS remark to wars?

well I can find Life Death Def that went 0/5 today. Some know how to beat it and others are at a loss. My Def today let’s just say out of every 3 people that faced it 2 got a loss. So far at least and it’s not life death or goblins or any other copied Meta going around right now. The thing about Life Death is there are counters to it and you know this if you are in a guild with good players and a discord with any Info in it.

Then maybe come to ps4 and teach the guild that’s winning ALL the GW’s since i started this game how to play, am pretty sure they will appreciate :3

Ps: your “today” isnt my “today” ps4 and pc got different colors in different days (seen when for a couple of weeks played on pc too ages ago).

Seen anyway new gw defs are new only the first day then they get copied fast (like my taidoom that is just a taiyao with red doom and sunspear hero instead of titan/flammifer, ok also different trrops order, used to get more wins than losses the first times nowaday ppls got used and barely get a few wins) i would be curious to know what it is and on which day color it was, a counter may be supersimple actually but just ppls didnt thought about it.

Well I am pretty sure the top 2 or 3 guilds on PC or Xbox would take them down. I am not going to teach another guild how to play game. Too much work.My today is yellow which is Xbox.Not sure why you are mad that you are stopping top guild on PS. I would be happy if my Def did that to them.

Repeating again that the ability to beat a troop or weapon does not make it balanced.

If your game offers hundreads of troops and weapon and the same 5 are used, they need to be looked into.


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And yet that is the defense everyone uses whenever someone points out a problematic troop or weapon. Trolls hate losing their nuke.


I’d really like to know what the counter to a weapon that blesses itself and enchants itself is. When blessed, you cant hit it with status effects. Not to mention the p fact that it is used often combined with titan (fortitude talent) or orbweaver (stealthy perk). As used, there is no counter except luck. It needs to lose either bless or enchant; perhaps both.

That would make it worthless like most other things in game. My guild I am in has a counter for it on every color. Might join a guild that has 30 people in a discord that come up with counters for hard Def. It’s called putting in the time if you want to win. I stopped using it in Wars because other Def are winning more. I do use that weapon in events so to Nerf it hurts the players. I would probably stop doing bounty all together if not for that weapon. If you start Nerfing all the hard Def then what happens is the highest level players will win not because of talent but because they will just over power everything. These type of Def is the equalizer in the game. So it’s not your level that matters it’s how prepared you are.

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Mighty big-headed of you to assume that I don’t already have all of those things, and need to go join a different guild. Check yourself. I have those things, including teams that can beat L&D teams on each day of guild wars. That’s not what I’m talking about.

When Gobtruffle was released, people lost their minds and demanded it be nerfed. The devs replied that the troop has a clear counter. Clear and obvious it is. Freeze, silence, etc…TGK is a strong counter to the Gobtruffle troop, without respect to a full team build. The devs won’t nerf Gobtruffle because IT has a clear counter. There is not a clear counter to L&D. Your team has to be fast enough to beat the team that it is on.

L&D alone is more powerful than most, if not all, of the Mythic weapons. It’s mana cost is only 15, when a weapon like Cauldron costs 20 mana??? The devs made a mistake with L&D and need to bring it in line with other Legendary weapons.

While I find it hard to believe that it is, you argue about this weapon like its a crutch for you.


So explain to me how someone that is paragon set the Def against not the top guild and have it go 0/6. I can tell you how. The people getting to paragon know how to counter it even if the people on that guild are surrounded by a bunch of people that have no idea how to beat it. When people ask for Nerfs they not only Nerf it so it’s easier on them but the bad part is it is Nerfed in other events that hurt the player. I want harder not easier even if I drop a battle from time to time. Some people need to get rid of the expectation that if they don’t go 30/0 every wars then the game is broke. There are lots of things in game that are easier to lose to then that weapon. All of my Def so far have a winning record which means more wins than loses. None of them are life death. There is curse in game and also Banishment along with several other things you can do to beat that and you may not see it as a counter but indeed if you almost never lose to it then it is a counter. You want to make it so it’s worthless and never used because you are tired of seeing it

Not mine. But a guild member has a L&D weapon Defense set as his PvP defense.

If that picture doesn’t look broken to you then your eyes are broken.


Well lots of people don’t want to take the time so they retreat. I’m talking wars because PVP I don’t care. I would retreat. Why do I want to spend 3 min beating that when I can get same reward on 30 seconds

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Is this Mobile? the biggest ratio I can see on the LB is ~3/1 (417/125) on the player currently at top 50 position (and he’s not using L&D: Obsidius, Stringfiddler, Rope Dart, Leprechaun). 9/1 seems a bit odd compared to LB ratios :sweat_smile:

Not questioning it, just trying to understand.

Also: how do you manage to get all those Results displayed all at once? Mine keep popping up regularly every few battles, and if there’s a way to avoid that periodic pop-up and instead group them all in one large report less often, I’d welcome the time saved.
:pray: :vulcan_salute:

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I actually think that you could remove one of those things without killing the weapon. But I’ll take your point that it is what makes the weapon special. If the mana cost were Raised to that of Cauldron, I think it would be more balanced. I’d even settle for Null Sphere’s cost of 18. If it took an extra turn to charge on it’s own, that would at least allow a chance to curse and hit with something.

Barrier is a good tool against it, but that scatter damage affix could also be changed to not essentially kill that tactic. Having mana taken away from the first troop hurts as well, and maybe one of those two things taken out would help.

This weapon suffers from Divine Ishbaala Syndrome. It does too many things, and the things it pairs with are already ridiculous (ie, Orbweaver spawns), as Ish did before being trimmed back. What makes her special was essentially left in tact.

What I don’t want to see is another Dragon Soul type nerf, where everything that made it fun was taken away in one fell swoop, when the problem was the respawn rate.


I can say just because a Def does well in PVP does not mean it will do well in wars because of the retreat that happens in pvp that most don’t do in wars. I could care less about pvp wins and losses. Some people get giddy when their new pvp Def does well then they put it in wars and their smile is gone. I don’t fight goblins in pvp or rope or life death to name a few. Anything that requires me to change class or team it’s not happening. Wars is a different story.

They should fix dragon eye. It’s worthless now. They should redo that weapon entirely.

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